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Losing Fat Cells

“you can never really get rid of them, only shrink them”

Is this true? And how much can they be shrunk? I am currently 5’11, 236 lbs and am cutting. I’d like to get around 10% before I bulk.

Since Im going to be a former fat boy, I know I’ll need to be careful on that bulking phase.

I guess Im concearned ill need to have lippo or something to get rid of these excess fat cells, even when they are shrunken

genetics determin how many fat cells we are born with.
We can determine the amount of fat stored in the cells.
we can add to these cells if we become fatter and fatter.
we cant lose fat cells unless we have liposuction.
Make advantage of your large status, train heavy get the mass while your big.
Then cut.
cutting and bulking is still yo-yo dieting. stay big and lift.