Losing fat but retain muscle

How can I get rid of this area here without loosing muscle.

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Eat less food, but prioritize protein, and lift weights. I’d also include walking.


consume 300-500 fewer calories than you burn each day for 6-8 weeks, while continuing to train hard and keeping your protein at 1-1.5g per lb of bw.

take a ten minute walk after each meal.

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*losing… likely some insulin resistance.

Try a 90 day “reset” eating plan maybe. Red meat and water. Then titrate carbs back in if you’re dead se on eating them.

Fat around the waist has poor circulation… yohimbe and fish oils might help a bit

so create a deficit by eliminating a food group for 12 weeks.

More to it than that. Allows for a reset of hormones, microbiome, insulin sensitivity, etc… 90 days is arbitrary but seems long enough to fix things typically… if his eating is the culprit and given where his fat is stored this is indicative of a few things.

Fat doesn’t burn in the presence of insulin. Pick the right tool for the job. I think a carb free eating plan for a period would do the job optimally

This would eliminate 3-4 food groups, depending on how you count them. Grains, Dairy, and Fruits/Vegetables.


personal experience: I just did this

I was able to not only maintain muscle but grow muscle while shedding 18 pounds of fat. The last 18 pounds after losing a total of 50 pounds. I did this by having a calorie deficit while keeping my protein intake above 200 grams a day. I created that deficit through a lot of HIIT training at a place called Orange Theory. I use OT for cardio while still hitting the gym 4-5 times a week. It is was a lot of work. I have to admit I had a lot of free time. I work in the mortgage industry and we have been in a recession for 2 years now. Less work, work from home equals me in the gym a lot more.

This might not be great advice because everybody is a little different. Prior to becoming a fat boy in my 30’s I was super fit, very strong, in my 20’s. I had a super high metabolism that made it hard to gain weight. As I recovered from my food and laziness addiction my metabolism returned. Oddly enough I am back to where I was in my 20’s. Less than 8% body fat, lots of muscle but currently struggling to add more even though I am in an calorie surplus.

bottom line: I think running is the key. I run 15 miles a week. I do interval running at OT. The interval part I think is the secret sauce. Raising and lowering the heart rate is not just good for your heart but will cause you to burn more calories.

again, this is anecdotal. But I swear by it

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Hill sprints… ripped in record time