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Losing Fat at 60

60 years old
5 10
12% Body fat
Endurance athlete
want to lose body fat–gain recovery—endurance strength—endurance
Diet is good under 2000 calories a day. 2-3 hours of cardio a day. 5 days a week. Lift and cross-fit 2 x a week
Test level 360
taking 200 test 200 EQ 100mg of each twich a week
3rd week no results yet
Sugestions please.

Hmm…Your story does not compute. You are eating at maintenance, if not a touch below (2000/175 = ~11 cal/lb), and burning at least a 1000 cals/day via exercise. Thus your net intake is <1000 cals/d, but you haven’t lost weight in three weeks? Something’s not right. Possible explanations are:

  1. You’re consuming significantly more calories than you think (how are you measuring/tracking intake?)
  2. You’re exercising significantly less than you think (what exactly are you doing every day?)

Other, less likely possibilities include:
3) Your true weight is closer to 100 than 175 pounds (are you actually a small child?)
4) You are not bound by the laws of thermodynamics, and are therefore God (do you have a long white beard and flowing robes?)

My money is on #1 or 2. Care to elaborate on your nutritional monitoring and exercise?

Water gain from the Test can be upwards of 5-7 lbs easily.

Need more info and btw 3 weeks is a little too soon to be griping about progress.

I would actually be surprised if you didn’t gain more weight on that form of Test!