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Losing Fat and Your Mind!


Hey fellow over 35's,

I am 41 years old, approx. 6'0 198 and 12% bodyfat.

For the longest time, I've wanted a true "6 pack" but everytime I start to "diet", and I use that word loosely, my mind halts the process. I literally look in the mirror and think I am shrinking and look terrible and wind up eating a large pizza to "feel big again". Or, I will put on a shirt that is usually snug and now its not-so-snug and will be depressed until I feel that big feeling again. I know, f'd up!!

Does anyone else go thru this while attempting to lose fat or just any day like I do?



yes a lot of people go through this its one of the hardest things to over come when trying to lose fat. the price you pay when you want to look better naked.


I fight that constantly. Although, you would have to at least double that 12%, in my case, and seeing a 6-pack is nowhere on my radar. I want to lose weight, but since I carry very little excess weight on my arms and legs, I go into a mild panic/depression when I perceive them to be shrinking. Logically I know that it is no big deal and a part of the process. What one knows and what one feels are two very different things, though.


Years ago, I got into incredible shape. 5% bodyfat. In 8 months, I never stepped on the scale once. Somehow, I didn’t care how my clothes felt b/c I knew my ultimate goal. After my painful divorce, I decided to make changes. I went from 18% bodyfat to 5% in 8 months but didn’t place b/c EAS couldn’t read the date on the beginning newspaper. Bullshit. It was easily readable. I will never buy another EAS supp again. I busted my ass for 8 months. OH well. I wonder what has changed MENTALLY that now I am so concerned with my ego and how I am perceived.