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Losing Fat and Preserving Muscle?

What is the best way to lose fat without losing muscle?

Most will tell you HOT-ROX can help you do this, although far more important is lifting heavy weights. When you go on a hypocaloric diet, your body will turn to itself to meet its needs. You need to convince it that it’s better to use up fat than using muscle. The best way to do this? Make sure your body knows it needs to keep every bit of muscle you currently have! Lift heavy and hard to remind it of that fact.

[quote]The Doberman wrote:
What is the best way to lose fat without losing muscle?[/quote]

The BEST way? Stanozol, from what I have read.

Heavy lifting and the Velocity Diet has worked the best ever. I have been able to preserve the muscle and loss the fat for once in my life. Here is the T-Nation link.


My stats
1st week: 205 lbs. x 25%BF = 51 lbs fat

2nd week: 196 lbs x 22%BF = 42 lbs fat

3rd week: 193 lbs x 20%BF = 39 lbs fat

4th week: 191 lbs x 18%BF = 34 lbs fat

By the math, I have lost 17 lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle; net loss of 14 lbs. I got to admit that I did not stick to the all liquid diet of the plan. I would have one clean meal per day of 4 oz. lean meat such as chicken breast or sirloin and mixed steamed veggies; or sometimes I opted for 2-scrambled eggs, corn tortilla and salsa. Protein intake has been 200-260 grams depending upon number of protein shakes. Calories has been 1500 calories on aerobic days and 1800-1900 on weight training days. The Grow! protein shakes are so good, I use the banana flavor as my reward at night if I have stuck to the plan that day. Supplement with HOT-ROX and an occasional Grow! bar. Bottomline - it works. I think I am going to keep going for another 30-days to see if the muscle gains really start adding up.

Doberman, I would recommend sitting down and reading through the excellent Articles on this site, especially in the Diet and Nutrition section. Look especially for stuff by Dr. John Berardi, but there are a lot of other great articles in there as well.