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Losing Fat And Not Muscle

I finally received my Concept 2 and am slowly learning how to use it. I asked a question on their message board about the best way to go for fat loss with out losing too much muslce.

The answear I received was slower pace/longer duration. Most people on here think of HIIT or tebata for fastest fat loss. Should I mix the two up? for exaple run HIIT 2x a week and row for a longer period 2x a week?

I am going to take rowing easy the next three weeks while I am doing Meltdown 1.


Sprints have always worked the best for me. But then again, I absolutely hate long, drawn out cardio. I just don’t run further than 400m… there could be a bear after me and after that far I’d just say fuck it.

Although I do enjoy a good rowing session from time to time.

slower and longer duration will do the opposite of what you want, unless it’s not taxing your muscles, ie: A long slow walk.

After meltdown 1 I am going to try this out. Should I lift heavy during the 3 weeks, like do ABBH 1 with it? any other thoughts about this program. Looks like fun and I actually like rowing haha

thanks for the responses.