Losing fat and maintaining strength

I need some advice people…I play baseball at a high level of competition year round, which makes it difficult to go on strict cutting phases without a drop off in my performance. When I’ve cut in the past, I’ve had a decrease in strength and some flatness which carried over to the playing field. I usually experienced this feeling when on a hypocaloric T-Dawg type of diet. Right now I really need to cut some fat around my waist and abdominal area, but am not sure how to go about it without losing strength while in competitive season. Any suggestions? Oh, and before some people jump on me telling me that my appearance and bodyfat should be secondary to my performance as an athlete, I feel that cutting this fat will not only increase my speed, but allow me to put on more muscle than fat when I go into my next hypertrophy phase in the future. Both would be of benefit to my performance as an athlete. Any help or advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated…I really feel stuck right now.


What about adding a high intensity circuit or two to the end of your lifting workouts. I know that Kelly Baggett was doing this and it was helping him cut down his body fat. I’m not sure what your split is, but doing a circuit of 3-6 movements at 50% of max for 10 reps ala Meltdown or Fat to Fire should help without sacrificing too much time. Also, you could get a sled and start dragging on off days or on off times. The primarily concentric work will aid in recovery, raise your work capacity, raise your strength and will also burn a lot of calories. I would not restrict calories much, but instead add more activities.