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Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle


How do you measure your body fat percentage and wether you gained muscle weight or fat?


You don't need calipers or a bodpod to tell really. Are you getting stronger in the gym? Pants still fit your waist the same? And more importantly, was the number you have gained significant enough to really matter yet?


I agree, if you can't see any telling difference by looking in the mirror what is testing going to do for you? Don't get impatient. I guarantee you as sure as you're reading this that if you stay consistent and keep at it you will absolutely see your progress all by yourself without anybody having to prove it to you. Just wait til the first time somebody you haven't seen in a while notices first thing. That feels great. I saw a guy from a building I used to work in the other day that I hadn't seen in several years. He's from Malaysia and doesn't speak in our style. He saw me before I saw him. He walked up and Said in a surprised tone, "GREG!!! you look...... uuhhh....... strong!!!, what you been doing!!!"

No test can compare to that, but it takes time and persistence and I still have a LONG way to go too..


My upper body is really lean but the little fat that I have is in my hips and thighs area. Unfortunately I can't hit those areas heavy because all of my spare time is spent recovering from football practice.

But when I flex my upper body, you can see veins on top of veins. But then again my first year, I didn't do much leg work. I would think that all that running would trim it fast.

But I did lose around 10 pounds and no doubt that was fat weight because I can see a little difference in my legs. I guess the real results will come when I start lifting heavy again because right now I'm lifting for maintanence.