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Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle..Possible


I have read alot lately about the difficulties of losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.

Well...I happen to be experiencing that right now. Before i got into lifting weights..I ate shitty food...I didnt do really much for exercise and my bodyfat was easily 17-18%. I started getting really serious about lifting weights around 4-5 months ago.

At first i thought i should just eat alot and lift and after a few years then just cut up with like 30lbs of new muscle. I realized something though..thats not even required. I decided to just eat really clean...6 meals a day...alot of protein...carbs before 1pm.

While doin this..I lifted weights 6 days a week. I have gained around 1lbs over the course of this and my body fat as actually gone down to 15%..no im not joking..and no im not using anything.

I realized that if you eat shitty and you just clean up your diet and start weighttraining...atleast while you are a teenager, you can easily gain some muscle and lose bodyfat at the same time.


Yeah its called beginners gains. Lift for 5-10 years and this is pretty damn hard to do no matter how clean ya eat.


This is not news...Congratulations though


Gee, beginners will experience extreme differences in body composition simply because your body is not used to consistent training. That won't last forever and expecting to gain much muscle while losing body fat will soon lead to you running in circles.

Most people should experience their best gains in the first few months of lifting. If they don't, they are training wrong.