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Losing Fat After Long Lay Off

Hey guys, hope all you are doing well.

I dislocated my ankle on Jan 6 and am finally getting back into playing a bit and lifting. However I have gained a good 15 pounds from that day. I’ve put on size but also fat since I have been heavy lifting.

I’m ready to start dieting and drop down to my playing weight which is around 195. I’m around 6"2 and weigh about 220 pounds right now. My body fat has probably went up to like 15%. Would a 40 40 20 diet be good? Or does any one have any suggestions? I mainly want to drop fat and maintain muscle/strength. What do you guys think?

It depends on how you handle carbs really, 40/40/20 is great if you can handle a lot fo carbs.
I have heard a lot of good things about Berardi’s “get shredded diet” but that puts you at about 10% carbs a day, but you drop fat quick while maintaining your muscle.

Also the Anabolic Diet , but unless you wanna buy the book you may have to wade through 337 pages of forum to find some answers.

i cant really go on really strict diets…im a college student. i was just thining keeping carbs low getinng about 30-35 grams of protein every meal and getting my good fats in…wont this help me lose fat? i mean nothing spectacular but will get the job done?


Couple your carbs around breakfast and your workout, and then spend the rest of the day concentrating on P+F meals.

Depending on your spending ability, you could try loading fish oil. Honestly though, as long as you eat frequently, portioned meals and vary your fat sources, stick with your gym protocol you’ll be cool. Just make sure to eat your fibrous green veggies, and keep fruits in moderate check.