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Losing Exess Skin


ok, so I haave lost all of my excess weight ( my thread and pics are in the physique board) but i have this big problem of excess skin :frowning: . Standing up its not too noticeable but as soon as i bend over to do swedish ball excercises and stuff it all just droops down and it looks like i have skin melting off me lol. Anyway Does anyone know of treatments or anything that can help reduce this? I really don't want surgery, and Im just turning 20 so I am wondering if my skin elasticity has gone away? Thanks guys!


I'd hate to say this but surgery is the only answer, it's been covered on multiple threads and Shugart talks about it often. Sorry man, good job on the great transformation btw, your thread was great.

At least you have the power of transparency on your side right?:slight_smile:


You lost well over 100lbs of body fat so yes, there is a possibility that surgery will be needed even though your age should mean you still have a great deal of skin elasticity. It all comes down to the amount lost and the age of the individual. Over the age of 35-40 and you are looking at a greater chance of surgery. Weight loss alone doesn't cause this. Many bodybuilders regularly lose 40lbs or more getting ready for a contest with no problems. 100lbs, or close to it, seems to be the boundary as far as how much the body can take and recover from. You can attempt to wait and see how your body responds over time and if the skin retracts. 20 years of age isn't old. Hell, 30 years of age isn't old anymore.


hmmmm ok thanks guys, I think it has decreased a bit in the 2 years or so since its been off, I guess it took me 17 years to get that big, so it will take a couple more years to get down eh. Ahh well, Happy lifting!