Losing Erection

Currently i am on TRT, have been for about a year now. Sex has been amazing with wife. I use to take arimedex every couple of weeks because when I took it just did not feel as good and have lost an erection before. Lately same thing happening however I was not taking the arimedex. So I have taken 2 half pills in the past week with no change. What could be the causes? I know I need lab work. It just trying to figure it out what could be causing this low or high estrogen which is usually the culprit?

You can A) get your levels checked or B) you can PayPal me and I’ll roll my magic estrogen dice and let you know.


Old school. I’d go with Venmo or bitcoin these days

Whats your injection frequency? Not sure if you’ve heard of micro injecting everyday. I am not an expert by any means but if your injecting once or twice a week larger doses it could be aromatazing into estrogen causing the problem. Trying to balance estrogen with blockers can be extremely difficult to get right and I have heard from many here its usually best to not mess with estrogen blockers. Your much better off micro dosing for the least amount of aromatization.

Again I am no expert and just going off my own experiences and what people have told me so anyone more knowledgeable please feel free to correct me.

I take 70 twice a week. Your right about checking levels. I think I’ll email doc now: which labs should be best to check?

You need TT, FT, SHBG and estrogen. The SHBG is an important one because TRT will decreases it and may have increased free hormones (free estrogen) as a result of the decrease in SHBG. It does sounds like your protocol was never optimized for the fact you needed a drug to block estrogen every now and then and it caught up with you.

Dosing these AI’s is a pain sometimes because it takes your estrogen to far in either direction, you should change injection frequencies and inject smaller doses to minimize the FT->E2 conversion.

Thanks so much I just sent a message to the doctor with the labs. Just wanna make sure that I normally I do injections twice a week on Monday/ Friday. I should get my labs tested on Friday before next injection right?