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Losing Desire to Continue TRT

I’m worried about what I’m doing to my body long term. At this point it doesn’t feel as impactful as it once was and I’m sure I’d notice the difference if I get off of it, but I can’t see it right now. I’m also disappointed that I can’t get HCG anymore to help come off of it.

I have already provided long term studies that showing TRT is safe. There are dozens of studies showing the same outcome.

As far as TRT losing its effectiveness, only way that could happen is if you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle by eating clean and exercising.

Giving your body something it should make anyway?

As for HCG, if you want to come off, a SERM protocol is going to do you way more benefit than HCG (which keeps you suppressed)

I’d suspect that running hcg for a couple of months to get “The Boys” fired back up to some degree would be helpful in easing transitioning off. Then stop the hcg run a pct with Novla maybe a simple one like 6 weeks of 20mg/day (all kinds of options on dosing & schedule though), then give it a couple of months, do some blood work and see where you are.

Hcg is available if you go to the right pharmacy I think Empower in TX has it. but you still need a doc to prescribe that & the nolva.

and yes hcg does still suppress you but I think it takes less time for the pituitary to start sending it’s signals than for the testes to start producing testosterone after they’ve been dormant for a while. Just a hunch there. You’re suppressed, but in a different way, this is how I justify my thinking in the first paragraph.

With exogenous Test, you will be suppressed in a primary sense (testicles) and a secondary sense (pituitary signaling). With HCG, you will not be suppressed in a primary sense (you might be above baseline, but your pituitary signaling will be suppressed, but likely not shut down completely (depends on HCG dose).

If I were coming off of TRT, I would run HCG for several months while on TRT, then during the bridge as the testosterone clears the system. Then I would start the SERM to get the pituitary going. I think this would be better than just a SERM. Why not get the boys swelled up and primed. The pituitary should come back quickly once the test clears and the SERM is introduced.

Why can’t you get it?

I’m curious if there is any data on this. My assumption was, if starting LH & FSH up is the goal, then taking something that suppresses them wouldn’t achieve that any faster (HCG for a few weeks then start the SERM after)

Would be interesting to see if there’s any difference in recovery using HCG + SERM or SERM alone

I would take the HCG while the LH and FSH are still shut down. You can get your testicles going while on exogenous test with HCG. The idea is that a fully functional set of testicles will produce more testosterone once LH and FSH come back than a set of atrophied testicles.

I don’t have any data on this though.

It makes sense. Just need someone to try it both ways and report back lol

And what does SERM consist of?

They changed the laws my doc said where places can’t give it out to men or off label anymore