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Losing Bodyfat


I'm trying to get stronger and more muscular. But I also want to get rid of alot of bodyfat on my stomach and try to get a six pack.

I was thinking of running 4 miles a day, 4 days a week.

And also doing 250 situps/crunches 6 days a week in addition to my weight training program.

I will also do a PowerWheel workout 3 days a week and will play basketball regularly.

Look good?


Best program I've seen on this site.

I'd try running 5 miles 5x a week with 500 sit up/crunches 7 days a week.


Agreed with the above poster. You'll never get the 6 pack look by performing a paltry 250 sit-ups daily. The pros don't even get on the floor for anything less than 500.


By the way, that $60 you spent on the power wheel could have easily been recreated just using a dumbbell...


Wait, wait, wait...

Sarcasim is hard to tell on the internet...

So, I have to ask, just to make sure; you are being sarcastic, right?


I'll try to give a serious answer here...

First of all you have to understand that there is always a trade-off to some degree between building muscle and cutting bodyfat. The more fat you cut, the less muscle you will be able to gain. The reciprocal is also true.

For those whose goals are in the middle, which is a lot of guys, you will just have to realize that you will not be able to pack on tons of muscle while drastically cutting body fat, your body just doesn't work like that.

The biggest thing you need to get on point is your diet. It's much better to eat clean then to add tons of cardio.

Which brings me to cardio. Long distance running for body composition goals is really not a great choice. You would be much better off doing interval sprints. Not only will you be able to burn more calories in a shorter time, but high-intensity exercise has been shown to elevate metabolism for extended periods of time afterwards, plus sprinting (for example) will recruit the fast-twitch muscles (which have greater potential for hypertrophy) more than jogging.

In a nutshell... who would you rather look like, Mo Green or these guys...


Losing fat and gaining muscle is the first question all beginners ask. Eventually you will find that gaining muscle and losing fat are 2 very differnt processes. Another way to lose fat would be low intensity cardio on an empty stomach. This article you may find helpful...



Im confused at the sit ups? I was told to work them like any other body part training them 2 times a week? Doing 500situps wouldnt be a problem but would it really be effective for a 6pack? My six pack aint and running 5 miles a day 7 days a week? were would I get the time and energy to work out?
Sometimes on these forums people sound out to lunch!


Those guys were being smartasses. I have a good six, and I NEVER, I repeat NEVER do sit-ups. They aren't that great of an ab exercise.

To the OP. you sure aren't going to gain much muscle running all the time. Pretend your muscles are made of wax. Jogging miles and miles can be like taking a blowtorch to them.


those guys suggesting the massive sit ups and super long distance running are mocking the whole heath myth industry, you DO NOT run 5 miles a day to cut fat, you DO NOT do 3024240 situps to get a six pack

running that kind of distance makes your body consume muscle for fuel, ever notice the physiques of long distance runners? most are weak and thin and emaciated, oh but still have guts

you can only accsess fat for fuel at a certain rate and then you switch over the muscle, DO NOT do such crazy cardio for fat loss once again its an urban legend/myth of the fitness industry lol

try HIIT 10 mins a day, if you can do that up it to 15, that will burn more fat than running for alot longer and wont cause you to consume all your muscle tissue

now on to the six pack EVERYONE has a six pack, i know this may come as a shock to you, but we all have the same damned sheet of muscle in our abdomen

the way to get to seeing it is to cut body fat, and mabye do some weight training on your RA to get it to grow .

so PLEASE do not run 5 miles 4 days a week unless you want to loose your muscle mass, and dont do 500 situps a day unless you want sore small abs that dont show anyways, sure low intensity cardio burns fat too, but higher intensity stuff burns it faster, and that 135 BPM for your heart rate being the "fat burning zone" is also health industry myth bs


you guys can't be serious. this guy has a solid plan, and you are jerking in him in very wrong direction possible. unbelievable.

jog my friend, jog like the wind. and do lots of situps or crunches.


thats not a solid plan to cut fat, thats a solid plan to canabalize muscle tissue and maby a bit of fat with it, when your running that much the body adapts itself to running, by GETTING LIGHTER, what weighs the most? MUSCLE TISSUE

as for doing crazy ammounts of situps, what the heck is that geting you? local muscle endurence, it is NOT CAUSING HYPERTROPHY, jesus some of these myths are just silly and refuse to die


Hahahahahahah....that was pretty funny.

JOG LIKE THE WIND? "Jog like the wind" is like saying "whimper like a lion."
or "float like a dolphin"...

This is probably up there in rank as the most ridiculous way to lose fat and gain lbm.
You win the stupid award.

Unless of course you're being sarcastic.


I'm pretty sure he was just taking sarcasm to a whole new level.





Do you actually read anything on this site?

You post a lot of questions about training and diet and people give you good feedback. But it seems like you're deaf to the advice.

There are numerous articles on the site about losing fat. Diet is definitely key. But your idea of training to lose fat sucks the big one. Really. C'mon. I mean, really. Do you think all that running is going to do it? Really man!

Are you sure you read and understand anything most of the people say/do/advise on the site?

Ahhh...screw it. Try running 6 miles a day five days a week and do 1,000 situps a day. You'll be a lean, mean, basketballin' machine.


what if I run 2 miles instead of 4? Will that make any difference?


Nope. 2 miles is not enough distance to burn fat or get a 6 pack. At least 10 bro.


I knew a meth head that coughed a lot and he had a great six-pack. I will give you his number if you're interested in his routine.


I think it would be in your best interest to read the article that Chad Waterbury posted up on the Velocity Diet. Im at the finishing stages of that diet now and it has produced good results. I started this diet with the same goals as yourself. Trying to cut up, show the abs and minimize the catabolization of muscle. Chad's article covers this in detail. It even talks about minimal if any cardio is needed as well minimal ab workout. It is a tough diet but it works. Good luck