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losing bodyfat -- cardio recommedations...please lend your advice...

i am curious as to other people’s opinions on doing high intensity, low duration cardio (like sprint for 20 sec., jog for 20 sec., repeat), or longer, lower intensity cardio sessions. or maybe swimming… i train brazilian jiu-jitsu, so those super low-carb diets are out of the question for me. i also am not lifting weights for the next 2 months (with the exception of arms) because of a nagging back injury that i have decided to take some time off to let heal. so really all i can do is arms, and cardio this summer, while trying to lose as much bodyfat as possible. what are some opinions on the best way to accomplish this?

I like Interval/Fartlek style of training. Since you have all summer, I would try a whole mix of work:rest ratios for your interval training. I like Berardi’s 1:3 work:rest ratio, but I have also had some good success with shorter ratios, like 1:1. I like 1:1 for short sprint sessions and jump rope sessions.

Now regarding your back injury, can't you at least do leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises? I'm just asking. I don't know what is going on, but some muscular stimulation even if it is not squats is going to be better than none.

thanks for the reply bro. yeah, i guess i could do some other exercises. i dont like leg extensions because they fuck with my knees, but i could do some curls and calf raises, and abs, and some other stuff. i did in interval set about 5 days ago-- sprint for 20 seconds,jog for 20 seconds… i did that cycle about 10 times. and now, almost a week later, my hamstrings are so soar, that i tried to run earlier today and i just couldnt do it!!!
looks like i need to get back into sprinting form. i havent sprinted since i played high school baseball almost 4 years ago. but it sure was the best leg workout i’ve gotten in a long time!!
thanks again for the reply bro.
anyone else?

Yes, I think sprint interval training is excellent anaerobic conditioning for BJJ. Throw in some hills or stairs every once in awhile to keep things interesting. Interval training can simulate grappling in the sense that it will help you recover quickly between intense birsts of speed and power. Of course I’m sure you already know that no type of training will condition you better for your sport than actually working intensly at the skills of your sport. It drives me crazy sometimes to see so many performance guru’s prescribing a plethora of various training protocols, and focusing less and less on the skills of the sport. Nothing simulates the skills of your sport like the practise of those exact skills.

right on Magnus-- i agree. but since i am not gonna train or lift for 2 months, i need to find alternative methods to stay in shape. but my primary concern is to LOSE AS MUCH BODYFAT AS POSSIBLE!!! my endurance is extremely good, and im not worried about losing it-- i dont smoke or drink or do drugs.
so what do you guys think the best things i could do for losing bodyfat would be??

come on bros. there have to be some more opinions out there!!

Ah, magnus is talking about “sport spedificity” training. And he’s right. If I need to improve my sparring in MA, than I’m gonna work on my sparring techniques - rather than go in the weight room. Weight training is a good “supplement” to other sports.

And what Jason and magnus also said about interval training is right on. If the sprinting is too much, there is also heavy bag training. I would also look into the combat conditioning program by Matt Furey.

I’m curious…what type of back injury do you have which would allow you to perform high-intensity sprint work and not perform any significant weight training?

WTF. You stated that you cannot do low carb diets because you are into MMA. Well then you follow it up with I cannot train for the next 2 months. So why can’t you do a CKD for the next two months then switch to your regular diet when you can train again? Your logic is incorrect. If you have to stay off the keto diet checkout the diet manefesto and do a Delta 1250 diet. Also it sounds like you will not be able to train for shit for 2 months as such I would suggest you rely on your diet to achieve your fat loss goals. Also your diet has more to do with that than your training anyway. Good luck.

you are correct bro. i wont be training for 2 months. but i dont want to do a super-low carb diet. bottom line is that i dont believe it’s healthy to keep carbs that low. i might get flamed by the keto-advocats, but i dont care. it’s just my opinion. and plus i LOVE carbs!
my injury is a soft tissue injury to my left-side spinal erectors. it’s not that it hurts to lift, it doesnt. put i took 10 months off of jiu-jitsu, but kept lifting, and although lifting didnt hurt, i believe it aggrevated it and prevented it from healing. so now i am gonna take some time off of everything.
i think, since i’ve been sober for the last 6 months due to jiu-jitsu, this summer i might just relax, lift arms and abs, play some basketball, keep my diet in check, and have some fun!! then i’ll get back on track after the summer.