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Losing Bodyfat But Gaining Strength

Hi. I’m training to get stronger, muscular, and more athletic for basketball. So I am doing a weight training program. But I also want to get rid of alot of body fat on my stomach and mid section. I want to get a 6 pack. I was thinking of doing this.

running 4 miles a day, 3-4 times a week.

Doing 250 situps/crunches, 6 days a week

Doing a PowerWheel workout 3 days a week

Pylometrics, 3-4 times a week

And I will play basketball regulary

All of this plus my weightlifting routine.

If I do that, should I build a nice lean and strong body and be athletic?

[quote]Baller1950 wrote:

Doing 250 situps/crunches, 6 days a week


You’ve been posting on this site for nearly a year, and you’re serious suggesting this?

whats wrong with that? Many athletes do it.

a sixer is made in the kitchen.

i eat clean and dont do any cardio (like none) and never do crunches.

have a sixpack, not an clear 8 pack, which would be nice, but 6 will do,

follow JB’s nutrition and you wont be wasting all your time. now if your goal is athletic conditioning then fine and this routine should help your game. but if your primary goal is 6 bricks, you are going about it all wrong.

My primary goal is getting stronger and in shape for basketball. I want a lean muscular body. But I also want to improve my speed and jumping ability.

You posted this in the “Building a Better Body” forum. What’s wrong? Didn’t like the answers that this idea of yours sucks?

Read the articles on the site!

The pushups/crunches and the powerwheel are a waste of time.

Plyometrics, when done correctly, are generally more demanding on your nervous sytem than weight training.

You are asking for overtraining.

Like Nate, said read the articles here.


I didn’t know basketball was a strength sport. Are they adding a free throw competition as a 4th powerlifting event?


I would leave out the distance running. It’ll only make you slower. I made this mistake myself when playing collegiate tennis. Try this…

Get a total body workout in twice per week. One day lift heavy (1-4 reps), the other light (6-10 reps).

Another four days per week, do an hour of GPP type training. If you have access to it, sled dragging, wheelbarrow walks, mobility drills, ladder complexes, high-rep kettlebell snatches, sandbag carries, sledgehammer striking, rope skipping, interval running, and clubbell complexes are all good choices.

Good luck

And please don’t do sit-ups and crunches ever again.

If I dont do situp or crunches, then what ab excercise should I do?

Cable crunches, side bends, hanging leg raises, and weighted decline situps are a few that I do, just off the top of the head.

Search around, there’s been tons of topics on this.


Swiss ball work will benifit your athletic “core” more than crunches/situps. SB crunches, roll-outs, jack-knives (maintaining a static plank position with your feet on the ball and pulling your knees into your chest for repititions), and pike-pull ups (same position as a jack knife, but instead of pulling the knees to the chest, visualize something pulling your hips to the ceiling and keep the legs straight) should help you towards you goal.

your plan is crap.
if you want to lose body fat,you have to create energy deficit-to eat less than you need to maintain your current body weight.dont do this long distance running–rather do 400 m at near maximum pace and rest enough between runs.if you play regularly ,you cant do plyometrics 4 times a week and also lift weights.thats too much.cut down your carb intake.eat more quality protein.sleep more.play and train shorter,but more intensive.
do this-and you will become lean,mean,fast and strong in no time!!!
stay strong!