Losing body fat & leaning out

heh. i am trying to find a supp to speed up loss of body fat.my supp routine is as folows;chromium gtf 500mcg,multivitamin,tribulus terestris 750mcg in a.m. with breakie.workout 1/2 hr after;10 min. stretching, 10 min. abs,40 min. total body workout,followed by 25 min.cardio (workout 4 times a week),post workout sup;whey protein shake with l-glutamine,flax seed oil.also take 1000mg l-carnitine.critique my supplement usage suggesting other supp. to take or change of training method.also pros & cons of supp. taking currently?

Forget your supplement usage and your training for a minute. It’s your diet, big guy. Focus there for now. Read my “Diet Manifesto” article for a place to start.

Don’t take flaxseed oil in post-w/o drink - it slows absorbtion at the time your muscles need the nutrients most. Use it in your NEXT meal. Just my 2 cents