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Losing Body Fat and Gaining Endurance for Cycling


Hmm...HaveIronWillLift.....began his account this month, right after BenchBunny's conspicuous disappearance.....


If I can eat healthy up here in Natchitoches I know you can eat healthy in a real city like NOLA.


So you were obese? You said you STARTED at 20% and ended at 16.5%. I've attached a pic of me starting at 20 and ending at 9. So either 20 is fat or it's not. If your starting point of 20 is "fat," then yes, I do have experience there. If not, then you are lying about where you started.

And who cares if I have EXPERIENCE with fat loss for obese people. You yourself are the epitome of all theory/no practice and you know everything and have helped out so many new lifters...even without the direct experience. You are contradicting yourself left and right here, buddy.


Shakes head at how stupid we are.

Fucking trolls man, I wanna believe their on the level and just in some serious need of guidance. BUT, every time im proved wrong thus feeling like a jackass for thinking someone could actually be that ignorant.

I say we get Bonez in here to fix this shit!


Jesus Christ! Can't I ever ESCAPE this forum? Anyway:

You are mostly correct. However please note two things. Firstly, I said 'over 20%' not '20%'. The reason is because my bodyfat % at that time was measured with a calculation that uses the difference in hip size and waist size in an algorithm to calculate bodyfat %. I knew that this was not an accurate way to measure bodyfat. Secondly, you may remember that I described myself as having all of my fat on my hips and gut. For this reason I thought that the hip to waist algorithm would provide an overly high bodyfat%. It actually came out at 26%. I could not believe that more than 1/4 of my bodyweight was fat. I assumed that due to the inherrant inaccuracy of this method together with my unusual fat distribution, that this calculation was vastly too high. Now that I have seen pictures of other people who are 20% bodyfat I realise that I was much higher. My lack of experience in this area has led me to make a serious error. You are correct to censor me.

'And who cares if I have EXPERIENCE with fat loss for obese people'

  • I think you missed my attempt at irony here. After receiving numerous imperatives to not give advice on things I have no experience with, I decided to give advice on something I did have experience with and to tell others not to 'give advice on things they have no experience with'.

I made an error here and even advised the OP that he was 'no where near 20% bodyfat' based on my lack of experience. I fully concede your point that I should desist from giving any advice. I have been trying to just read posts here and learn from others in the last few days but I get drawn back in to defend my statements/motives/honesty. I am not a troll. I am not a liar. I am a cocky no-it-all who needs to shut up. I would like to thank everyone here for bringing this to my attention, especially those who attempted to do so with a modicum of respect. Elvis has left the building...till March 23rd 2012.


Oh, and I'm not 'benchbunny' whoever that is. Sounds like a nonce to me.