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Losing BF Without Sacrificing Muscle

I am wondering if someone can point me in the direction of a diet and workout program that will allow me to maintain most of my muscle while cutting some unwanted bf. I know there are some excellent articles on this site about this, but I have been unable to find what I am looking for. I was hoping someone could tell me where to look or just give some advice from experience.

Squats and milk…Obviously. Just up the protein, cut the carbs a bit and do some cardio.

It should be very, very easy to maintain most if not all of your muscle if you’re just going to get rid of some extra fat and not try and get super lean or anything.

Easier if:

  1. You’ve had the muscle for a good long time
  2. You go about it at a slower pace

I am still gradually gaining new muscle as I am only 18 and my test levels are close to their highest points. I have been working out for about three years, but never paid much attention to my diet until now. I just want to lose some bf%. I have no desire to get a pure lean dry cut, at least not at this time. I am currently 5’9 190.

I am not sure how much body fat I have, but an estimate would be around 15% bf. I am trying to get my diet in order as I am about to start college in the next month or so. Is it beneficial in adding muscle and dropping body fat to do more of a high intensity workout even if I am only training one muscle group per day?