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Losing Appetite

Lately I havent had much of an appetite. I know the disadvantages to not eating regularly throughout the day, but I rarely actually get hungry anymore.

Have any of you dealt with this problem? Is there anything you did to make yourself hungry?


1.) Workout more.
2.) Replace complex carbs with simple ones.
3.) Eat smaller meals but more frequently (say, every hour).
4.) Just man up and eat, even if you don’t want to.

Actually, number 4 should be number one.

The only time I lose my appetite is when I’m feeling really sick. If this lasts for more that 2 weeks, maybe you should see a doctor. You could also be suffering from depression, if there is no physical cause.

Or you could smoke some weed, for medicinal purposes, of course.

I find the best way to get myself hungry when I lose my appetite is to have a nice 1.5 - 2 hour session in the gym, honestly I eat like a champion afterwards.

A couple of thoughts

-When I used to look for places to add calories I would always turn to peanut butter. Put it in my oatmeal (yummy, and adds ~400 cals if you get 2 servs in there), or just eat a spoonful after each meal I would have had anyway.

-Drink some calories - (not beer dumbass), find a few shakes you like and go to town.

-When I was absolutely dying from eating 3 dry ass chicken breasts, I’d grab an OREO or some simple sugars, which due to their magical properties would give me a little more of an appetite.


I have the opposite problem. I have to figure out ways to stop eating too much. lol. Look, theres a few things you can do but it really comes down to you just deciding that you HAVE to eat.

long calorie expending activities make you hungry.

Simple carbs and sugars in decent amounts will triger craving for more of them. Making you eat more.

I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ve heard sodium increases your appetite (or supresses it. lol.) Sprinkle salt on your meals.

[quote]CappedAndPlanIt wrote:
Have any of you dealt with this problem? Is there anything you did to make yourself hungry?Thanks[/quote]

I’m not sure you can make yourself hungry - assuming you’re already doing metabolically demanding activities. Despite a high activity level, this has happened to me. Indeed, I’ve been going through it lately. Also going through protein burn out. Almost any protein source just looks nasty.

The solution for me is to eat 3 or 4 Metabolic Drive bars a day. Those always taste good to me. Just eat one every two or three hours. Fill in with other food as you feel like.

But hey, listen to your body. If it’s telling you not eat eat, maybe it needs to “detox” or just take a break from eating so much. Who knows? Your body does. Go with it.

It’s also a good time to go on a diet. If you’re not hungry, why not lose a quick 5 pounds of fat?

When going through these periods, I take Carbolin 19 for its muscle sparing effects.

I have had this problem, it turned out I exhausted my adrenals and had to back off all of the therms and caffeine. It appears to have caused my stomach to imflam and shutdown.

so no caffeine or therms

increase fruits and vegetable servings

what helps me though is have a small serving of Surge. it makes me so god dam hungry within an hour. then I devour everything.