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Losing Ab Fat After Hernia Surgery

I have a odd question for some of the fat loss experts out there. My question is from a physiology stand point of fat loss and how it is burned. Far as I know fat is burned by the muscles but transported via blood and help from oxygen?

But about 5 years ago I had bilateral inguinal hernia surgery. There was mesh put on both sides (in the groin area). Ever since then I felt like it was harder for me to get leaner in that area than before. Not that my stomach was ever perfect before surgery. Though being tall and lean I always seemed to have more subcutaneous fat on my stomach than I wanted. I mean I am the perfect subject for skin calipers very little internal fat. Does having surgery in this area make it harder for my body to release fat in this ab area?

Far as I know there was no cutting or sowing of muscle. Would the mesh effect blood flow to that area? Would this surgery effect my fat loss potential or am I just looking for excuses? :slight_smile: I have lost inches in the area but compared to the rest of my body its not near as lean. I really have no idea. But to have and answer to this question resolved would be wonderful. Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

I’m 6’6 208 13% BF with a 35 inch waist.