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Losing a Pet


This morning my german shepherd passed away at age 12. During the past 2 days he just got sick and he left today. It's very hurtful. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?


Probably everyone on this board has had that happen. Few things worse in my opinion.


This sucks, my family used to have German shepherds they can be really sweet dogs.
My mom had to put down the family cat in February, she was 16.


Pretty sure the last house I lived in in VA was cursed. We lost 4 dogs there in about 4 years. Two got hit by cars, one died coming out of hernia surgery (she was only about 12 weeks old), and my wife's dog died of what appeared to be a stroke. She had several episodes that the vet could only call seizures, then the final one put her down. The vet said she might have been able to get her back, but she basically said she wouldn't be the same dog mentally.


I am never getting a animal on my own. I cannot handle it passing away. My cat gave birth to 4 kittens and we had to put one down because it had a lot of troubles relieving itself. I was young but balled my eyes out.

I LOVE animals however, cannot face losing one.


My mom's German Shepherd died suddenly over last Thanksgiving. She was 9. We still don't know what happened to her, we think something in the backyard had bit her because one day she limped inside and her left hind leg was swollen.

We took her to the vet 3 times in two weeks, and they were baffled. They ran a blood test and everything, but couldn't tell us what was wrong with her. It was strange - one day she was fine, and the next she was really lethargic and just laid in the same spot all day. She stopped eating, and didn't even want to go outside anymore. Then a few days later she was like her usual self.

They think it was a rare cancer that affects only German Shepherds, but I thought it was too convenient for them to just blame it on that. It was so sad, she was a total sweetheart of a dog, it shouldn't have happened that way. She was a member of the family, and when left us it was really hard on everyone. I still think I could have stepped in and pushed the vet to do more testing, or maybe taken her to another vet. I don't know.

It definitely sucks, especially when you become so attached to a family pet. I remember when she died, I called my mom to ask her how she was doing and she said she was just laying down behind the couch like she did. A few hours later I felt like something was really wrong and I called again, she had just died.

It sucks when dogs die. Sorry to hear of your loss, it hurts real bad but the pain fades in time.


German Shepherds are a proud, beautiful breed (well, all dogs are!) and I'm very sorry to hear about your buddy.

Here's a great quote:

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really. ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull


Losing pets, especially cats and dogs, SUCKS.

I feel for anyone who loses a pet.


I almost lost one of mine 2 weeks ago when my girlfriend's brother didn't close the door when he came in and left the apartment door downstairs open too, and at the time my gf was at the hair salon down the street and my dog ran there looking for her!
I was getting dressed and I noticed she wasn't here and I went half bugs looking for her....never thinking she'd go out and down the stairs and all. I fond her outside 15 minutes later but it's funny how even now it makes my heart race.


That's scary. Plus, you have a whole pack of the little buggers, don't you?

I'd want to choke the brother.


I had to put down my Siberian Husky a few years ago. He was just shy of 14 years old. Worst thing I've ever had to do in my life. I keep a photo of him framed next to my bed, and to this day still tear up when I think about him. The only advice I can offer, and I know this doesn't make it hurt any less, is to know that you shared his life with him, that you were both better for it, and that he knew that you loved him. My heart goes out to you.



My cat Simon had to be put down yesterday. He was only 8yrs old. He had developed feline leukemia and also had tumors including one behind his eye. He was one of those cats that didn't meow but kinda chirped. I miss him very much.

Here he is taking over my lab's dog bed.

so sorry for your loss


Awwwwwwwww...... i'm sorry, OG.

I'm sure you spoiled the hell out of him and made his life a great one.


I really hope so, and thank you.


Thanks....its harder than i thought it'd be.


beautiful dog in your avatar


In human years he was 93.


OP, I feel for your loss.

My cat Fudge, who Ive grown up with for the past 21 years, dissapeared for 3 days. I thought she must be dead, as she has never went missing for so long before.
This morning at 3am I was woken up by a "meow". I hurried to the front door to be met by the one and only Fudge.
meow meow


That was him.


I'm sorry about your kitty OG. I always wanted a Sylvester cat like yours. He looks cuddly.