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Losing 14lbs in 10wks, Help Needed


Hey Ladies,

First let me start off by saying that I'm actually a huge fan of all of you guys and I have converted many peoples belief's about weightlifting and women with the pics ye post in the T-Vixen threads. You all look amazing and are an inspiration for my own training in a pretty strange way! So all in all, kudos and keep it up!

A co-worker of mine has come to me seeking advice on losing weight in time for her sisters wedding. She has ten weeks to ideally lose 14lbs. Now while I wouldn't consider her a fatty, she certainly is carrying some excess BF and is so unadapted to training and proper dieting that I have no doubt she can lose the weight she wishes.

She's a pretty big Coke drinker and I recently convinced her to stop drinking the 13-16 cans of Diet Coke a day(yes, I'm serious) and focus instead on getting at least 2 litres of water along with 2 or three cups of green tea every day. After a few days of headaches and Coke cravings(I had hoped the caffeine in the green tea would deal with this somewhat) she contated me saying it's been years since she felt this good and lost 4lbs in two weeks yadda-yadda-yadda.

I was thrilled for her as I love helping people especially when it comes to stuff like this and she's very conscious about her body. So she's come to me looking for help losing 14lbs for her sisters wedding and I'm more than happy to help seeing as I haven't even touched her diet or exercise regime yet. Hoewever, I'm totally unacustomed to helping middle age women lose weight and I would love some diet tips from you ladies.

Age: 38

Training History: Walking and Spinning classes. Most days a week.

Est. BF%: I'm guessing about 32-34 ish(while not actually looking that fat, strange body type)

Problem Area's: Hurt her back pretty badly about 6 years ago and this is most unfortunately ruling out things like squats, deads, pressing and benching etc.

I've just convinced her to seek out the help of a Personal Trainer(I know him personally, he's damn good and a fucking BEAST!) that she is related to to help her with her programme. He's likely to put her on a typical 'light weight high reps bullshit exercise programme' to start with but I'm actually ok with this as she will be more comfortable with this and as long as I see her progressing in the right direction, I'm ok with it.

Radical working hours. She does a lot of early shifts that require her to get up at 5:30AM so morning fasted cardio is out of the question. She's a single mother with 4 kids so it's not exactly practical for her to do MFC anyway.

Ideally ladies I'd love some diet(just a point towards some good diets or articles would be very helpful), training and even motivational tips if you can spare a few minutes to share them. I'm pretty good at motivating other guys to train and eat properly(or so I'm told) but with middle age women who have a whole host of confidence issues that are far far different than mens I'm a bit lost in the woods.

Any advice offered is greatly appreciated,


A Paleo-style low carb (particularly removing wheat and sugar) works well for most people. If she follows the eating guidelines on www.marksdailyapple.com she will lose weight and fat.



HIGH protein intake.


Really..? I was intending to reduce her carbs and stick to low GI carbs while increasong healthy fats and protein consumption but why would her age require her to drastically increase protein intake(considering she's not an OAP, just middle aged)...?


She was saying ouch at the assertion that 38 is middle aged, I think, rather than the rest.
I think most of us more mature ladies prefer not to think of ourselves in those terms.


If she exercises that much her problem is clearly diet. She needs to put herself on a really strict one. Even vigilant calorie counting should work if she is strict.

The wedding should be motivation enough.

Losing weight is like 95% diet.


Oops my bad. No offence intended ladies. Middle aged really doesn't apply to most here cos ye look better than most 19 year olds anyway.

Also, I looked up the Paleo diet stuff and to be honest I don't think it'll be very practical for her. I know diets take effort and commitment but I'd rather not reduce carbs so dramtically as to mess totally with glucose sensitivity.

Having said that, I'm thinking of splitting her macro % something like this:
Protein - 45
Carbs - 30
Fats - 35

Any thoughts on this..?


My thoughts exactly.
I actually suspect her problem is eating far too little with shitty macro ratios(mostly sugar and zero fat type stuff). In any case I've asked her to keep a food diary for a few days and give it to me on moday where I'll talk to her about food choices and the reasons for what I'll be suggesting etc...


prolly cut off onna her legs below the knee would do it.


I don't do things half-arsed, bitch is gonna lose both legs...


You sir are clearly a sweetheart.

I guarantee she is not eating too little.

She is eating too much AND too much sugar.

Let her have good clean carbs first two meals and after she lifts if she starts lifting other than that she should be on mostly lean protein.