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Lose Weight on Cycle?

Can I lose weight on cycle. I’m 3 weeks in to 600mg test e. Awaiting on arimdex in the mail. 0.5 other day. 5ft 7in 195 20% body fat or more. I’ve put on 10 lbs of water weight in the 3 weeks. Feel horrible about my self and I havnt weighed this much in 3 years.

I was 235lbs 4 years ago. I’m pretty lost and and don’t know what to do or how to accomplish my goals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep rude comments to your self! Thanks

Bro it’s water what did you think was going to happen? Youl probably add another 5lbd of water in a few days.

Bottom line: test is great for losing weight. Have your diet and training in check. Watch the fat burn away and muscle build… Albeit you might not build as much muscle as you would in a calorie surpluss but you will do fine bro. Stick to your diet and your cycle

BTW the water weight drops off at the end as the ester does

Thanks man. So I’m at roughly 230 grms of protein and currently consuming 2700-3000 calories with my diet. All clean and all that. I’m thinking of cutting back to 2300 which is close to my basic metabolic needs. Normally when I’m eating clean and watching my weight I’m at 2000 calories. Do you think the 2300 if a good number to gain some muscle but lose some weight or should I cut back to 2000 to cut fat and suffer from not much muscle gain. My workout are good and high energy. Mentally I’m ok as well except being fixated of being fat again. I will literally do anything to not be fat again.