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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

Roybot: Milk doesn’t agree with me, I can drink it here and there but not on a regular basis, which is why I mix protein with yoo-hoo (it has no milk in it). I’m thinking I should try casein? I haven’t tried casein yet.

Day #5: Another active day painting the house, short 2 mile bike ride to the ocean. I’ve noticed that teeth whitening toothpaste actually works when your not drinking tea.

I wighted in at roughly 165, losing about a pound a day. Decided I should buy a digital scale cause its hard to read the numbers on my analog one.

Calories: 1822.5
Fat: 60.27
S. Fat: 10.27
Carbs: 191.5
Protein: 134.5

#1: omelet (3 eggs tomato onion mushroom ham)
#2: oatmeal strawberries
#3: 4oz chicken green beans 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
#4: 4oz chicken broccoli cauliflower banana
#5: boca burger peaches
#6: 1oz beef jerky strawberries banana 1/4 cup sunflower seeds italian ice


…You’re eating sub 2000 calories.

/me facepalms

Eat. More. Now.

Seriously. You’re 165lbs and BULKING, how the hell are you getting anything less than 2500?

The superior race of the Dalek’s commands you; EAT!

Now I’m getting confused … I thought I was dieting to lose the fat on my belly before I started bulking?

My primary goal is to get my abs in view as soon as possible - they are currently hidden by about two inches of fat, not just that normal watery flabby soft fat … dense fat that has been there for decades, its like ‘super fat’ or something.

The way I understand it, if I bulk now I will still have that fat over my abs … so if I must diet to remove the fat, I’d rather do it before I bulk rather than after, yes???


Day #6: Today I learned that a bottle of water costs the same amount of money as a beer at a bar. Go figure.

I’m still looking for ways to increase protein without increasing carbs, I need to focus on that more.

Calories: 1527
Fat: 26.52
S. Fat: 6.52
Carbs: 187.5
Protein: 118

#1: Omelet (3 eggs tomato onion ham mushrooms)
#2 Oatmeal strawberries
#3 Turkey melt green beans
#4 4oz chuck steak 1/2 ear corn
#5 3oz shrimp salsa tortila banana
#6 turkey sandwich strawberries banana


Day #7: I really focused on cutting carbs and boosting protein today. Another 2 mile ride to the beach. Overall, I feel like I’m back on the right track.

My last workout didn’t seem as intense as normal so today I took a shot of caffeine before the workout and it seemed to do the trick. Had a great workout, setting new weight records. I don’t seem to be losing any muscle and I am starting to see a shrinking belly.

I should be entitled to cheat today, but other than a weight watchers cupcake I’m going to pass on the cheat. Cheating is for people that are in shape, not us getting in shape.

So I’m going to post todays diet and then I’ll stop spamming the board as I don’t think a lot of people really care what I eat on a daily basis. I think this one will be my ‘ideal’ diet and will try to duplicate it daily. If it needs tweaking, by all means let me know.

Thanks again everyone, I really do appreciate all the help!

Calories: 1697
Fat: 66.7
S. Fat: 13.7
Carbs: 102
Protein: 189

#1: Omelet (3 eggs ham)
#2: Turkey melt, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
#3: 4oz salmon, green beans, banana
#4: 4oz chuck steak, 3oz shrimp, 1 cup broco
#5: 4oz chicken green beans strawberries banana
#6: 1oz beef jerky 1/4 cup sunflower seeds 2 egg whites


You don’t eat enough, dude. You should do two things: work out your BMR, which is how many calories you need a day if you do nothing but sit on your arse; and, secondly, work out your DEE, which is how many calories you need to ingest according to your fitness schedule.

For example, I need 1870 calories just to get by and when you multiply that by the amount of times I exercise a week, I need about 3000 calories a day just to stay as I am.

To lose fat, you should drop this figure by 10-20% (which, in my case, would be 2400-2700 calories a day) and a 10-20% surplus if you want to gain muscle (3300-3600 cals for me).

To work out your BMR and DEE, simply use the search bar in the top right hand corner of the forum to find the formulas.

I’d also advise reading Thibaudeau’s Nutrition For Newbies (again, found using the search bar) and the aforementioned Berardi.

Two more tips- your two biggest meals of the day should be breakfast and an hour or so after you work out.

Good luck!

The BMR for a 5’9" 165 pound 38 year old male is 1711 calories.

I don’t know what formula my fat lose calculator uses, but it says my fat lose range for three workouts a week is 1370-1826 calories a day - which is exactly what I’ve been eating this week (low=1460 high=1822).

So I find a “Daily Energy Expenditure” calculator: it says I need 1898 calories a day to keep going, which if I take 10-20% off for fat lose would be 1518-1708 (in which case I over ate twice last week).

So this is where I keep getting confused … I’m seeing the results I am looking for (losing fat without losing muscle) yet you are the second person to say I am not eating enough? Perhaps you are not considering my age or something?


Scroll down to the sixth post. You exercise a fair bit, so I think you should be multiplying your BMR by more than you are.

Think about it, though: if you eat 500 calories a day, you’re gonna lose weight. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way to go about it.

You have a BMR of 1711 and you workout 3x a week and also do some cardio and do stuff like paint your house, correct? So your DEE should be 1711 x 1.55, which equals 2650 cals a day. Even if you take 20% off of that, you’re still looking at around 2100 a day.

I’d get a second opinion on that “not lifting more than 50lb” thing. Your torso weighs more than 50lb and you pick that up every time you tie your shoe laces.

It would be good if you found someone who could show you what needs to be strengthened so you can lift safely, and how to lift safely. Putting arbitrary limits on the amount of weight you lift is not very helpful.

You can lift 50lb the wrong way and end up in hospital, or lift 150lb the right way and get stronger and more resistant to injury.

Being able to lift more will make a big difference in your ability to maintain lean body mass.

Badunk: Guess I shall have to try and eat more. I’ll squeeze in another meal.

DragnCarry: Its just not advisable for me to lift more than 50 pounds - not just weights, but in general, especially over my head.

If you look close at my picture you will notice that my left shoulder is about an inch or so higher than my right shoulder. Thats from the curve in my spine. If I’m not careful, I could end up with a metal rod fussed to my backbone.

I do a lot of therapy for it - massage, inversion, daily naps … I still get a headache once a month or so. I try to do chest exercises while laying on a bench to avoid stress on the spine.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on scoliosis, not a great write-up but an excellent x-ray showing a curved spine:


I agree with Badunk. Around your bodyweight and activity level, I think around 2300-2500 calories would be beneficial to start at. Possibly cutting calories if the weightloss ever slowed.

[quote]KeetKeeper wrote:
I’ve tried “Six Star Muscle” (whey), “Body Fortress” (whey), and “Vitamin World” Premium Soy. The soy seems to be easier on my stomach.

All three of those protein brands are terrible. Looking at the nutrition labels is only part of the battle when it comes to protein mixes. I highly suggest an ON chocolate flavor of you really need pure whey, and Biotest Metabolic Drive for anything else. The Metabolic Drive tastes better than any other non-bulking (read: carb, sugar filled) mix I have tried. I also suffer from digestive issues, and Low-Carb Metabolic Drive has been the easiest on my gut. You’re in the USA so you have no reason not to buy Biotest.

Another suggestion I can give for gastric distress: take psyllium husk fiber caplets. I take three caplets, five times a day. The generic wal mart brand is the same thing as the 3x as expensive metamucil. Just don’t take them with your post-workout meal.

CT can answer a lot of questions with this post:

Best of luck and I hope you reach all of your goals!

Well it’s been a week and I’ve been sticking to it. I no longer feel ‘hungry’ like in the beginning and find that I am satisfied.

I’ve been trying to eat more, but will confess I haven’t really had the desire to - I feel ‘full’ through out the day, so I’m still trying to figure out how to increase my diet.

Less activity too, I’m convinced that I need to ride the bike daily to lose this fat … problem is the cold; lately the wind has been like razors slicing my skin. Living in the south, it shall warm up soon and I can do more frequent longer rides - I’d like two 2-mile rides daily.

I weighted in a 163.2 today, so I’ve lost over 7 pounds without losing any muscle mass - in fact, I believe I have gained muscle mass. I can just see my belly shrinking.

I took my first cheat meal today - 5 mini powdered donuts and a glass of YooHoo for a total of 340 calories, 9 fat, 61 cards, and 5 protein. Working it off right now. :slight_smile:

tnerbrellim: yes, Biotest shall be my next protein purchase. It looks a lot better than the stuff I’ve been using.

Thanks again everyone! You’ve all been a big help.


Best time to have your cheat meal, according to Thibaudeau, is 60-90 mins after your workout, dude.

Worth bearing in mind, especially if it’s laden with complex carbs (as donuts are).

But good to see you’re getting results. :slight_smile:

Its been almost two more weeks, things are going good. I’ve been eating 2000+ calories daily, sometimes getting sloppy with meals like lasagna. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving so that wasn’t a problem but I did camp out at Wal-Mart to get one of those Nintendo Wii’s since that is about the only way to actually get one … staying up all night will mess up your diet. Had to eat an egg mcmuffin from mcdonalds, but was proud to pass on the coke in favor of water. :slight_smile:

I read somewhere online about attempting to move immovable objects, isometrics I believe … one suggestion was attempting to lift more weight than you are capable of, so for some a few months now I have been attempting to curl 110 lbs … and I curled that much 1 time two weeks ago, and then 3 times this week. Not the best technique, but was able to do it. I’m going to need to buy more weights soon.

My weight is steady at around 163lbs, but I have gotten stronger and belly is looking better so I feel I am converting the fat to muscle. I am pretty sure I can have good looking abs by spring. I’ve been doing inverted situps, some mild pain during recovery on the left ab wall … I should see a doctor about that, don’t think it is normal.

So thats the update … thanks again everyone. Don’t be shy, if you have more advise or pointers keep em coming. :slight_smile:


Hi JoeJoe, just a word of caution about using isometrics to improve your curl. There is nothing wrong with using isometrics, but make sure you have some way to measure your progress honestly. Put your back against a wall, for e.g

If anything teaches you to cheat more efficiently, it’s isometrics. You can’t afford to cheat in the curl with your back.

[quote]DragnCarry wrote:
Hi JoeJoe, just a word of caution about using isometrics to improve your curl. There is nothing wrong with using isometrics, but make sure you have some way to measure your progress honestly. Put your back against a wall, for e.g

If anything teaches you to cheat more efficiently, it’s isometrics. You can’t afford to cheat in the curl with your back.


That’s good advice. I’d also recommend doing a search for ‘functional isometrics’ by Christian Thibaudeau. More than one angle of flexion involved, so it should bring better results than one static hold…

Keep the technique strict, and you’ll avoid injury.

The last two weeks have been a total dud, as I’ve had a pretty bad flu-like sore throat.

Diet has pretty much been NyQuil, honey, cough drops, and flat soda. Physical activity has been as close to nil as one could reach.

Starting to come around, hope to get back on the program soon. Plan to just chill till after Christmas.


Your cup, it seems, is already full.

You’re “convinced that I need to ride the bike daily to lose this fat,” and are focused on curling, despite posters trying to point you in other directions. Long periods of steady-state cardio, to the point of “numbness in the arms from the pinched nerves, and I am barely able to walk on my left knee afterwards” is probably not conductive to having a “ripped” body. (As others have hinted)

Plus, there haven’t been any updates on your nutrition in a month, and you haven’t worked out for 2 weeks because of a sore throat? Did I read that right?

I just can’t tell if you’re actually following the advice the other posters have contributed, or ignoring it because you think you know better. Whatever the case, you need to up the intensity and attitude. Start by reading around the website; there’s plenty of threads for newbies (see the sticky in this forum).

Finally, if you really can’t lift heavy weights… how are you curling 110 lbs? This is a standing curl, right? i.e. ultimately the barbells weight is supported by your shoulders and there is a force acting down on your torso, yes? Anyway, if you can’t lift heavy, look into sprinting and HIIT.

You should have seen the stuff I was coughing up in the gym when I had a cold…