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Lose the Fat, Keep the Strength

Hey everyone. I starting a fat-loss diet. Check out what I ate today and please give me some suggestions.

Breakfast- 46 gram protein powd, chicken breast

Brunch- 2 eggs, 2 hamburger patties

Post-Workout- One large gatorade, 1 23 gram protein scope, one chicken breast

Snack- Can of tuna, tablespn. of mayo, one piece of bread

Dinner- chicken bowl and veggies

I am also trying to up my sprinting speed. I am following the lose the fat, keep the strength program by Staley. I want to get a hold of some hot-rox, but that stuff is so dang expensive. Any advice regarding my diet and training for strength while dieting would be appreciated.

By the way, I am 6’1, 201 pounds. I dont know my body fat but I am pretty lean (4 pack). Bench-340, Deep Squat-385, Deadlift-405x3, Clean-260

I just got one bottle of hot-rox. I’ll start tommorrow. Also, the meal breakdown I put didn’t include my late night dinner, 4 eggs with mayo. I know the calories are a little low, I need to up them up tommorrow.

You’re kidding right? You have a “four pack” and want to diet. Seems to me you should keep trying to add size. Strength numbers really look great. Keep growing!

Looks good. If you are dieting I would drop the fat to .25gXBWT. Leave the eggs and the meat patties out and stick to fish and chicken and protein powder. Make sure to get your fish oil in. I would set your diet up like :

50g Fat
400g Protein
85g Carbs

Get 1/2 of your carbs post workout and spread the rest.

r-ALA at 200mg/meal
10-12 high potency fish oil caps
5-HTP at 50-100mg/day (to kill sugar cravings)
creatine .45Xbwt(kg) for 5 days, then 5-10g maintenance per day
40-50g glutamine post workout and 40-50g glutamine spread throughout the day (especially if you drop carbs completely)

Yeah, I agree with Muscle.
I dont see the point of dieting if youre already pretty lean.
Why diet?

T-Dawg 2.0 worked very well for me. Try that. I used modified Westside training program so I was able to gain alot of strength AND about 5 lbs of muscles past 6 weeks, not the other way around that you’d normally see during fatloss program. I’m not so sure about consuming that much glutamine supplement though. I would just focus more on paying extra $$$ for highest quality proteins such as CFM whey isolate and Micellar Casein. I think you get enough glutamine thru them anyway. Throw in hemp oil, flax oil or Udo’s Choice. Fish oil is good. Post protein shake SHOULD BE 40-50G of whey isolate (bit of hyrolyzed whey), 5g of creatine, preferably Creapure, maybe 5g of glutamine (or 5g of peptides but i haven’t seen actual studies that proved to increase LMB) AND 50g of maltodextrins or/and dextrose(glucose). I think b/c of those fat/oil that i consume, I don’t really get hungry or even crave for sugars which is usually bad. One product that really impressed me was the Biotest Power Drive combined with E/C. Woo, it sure got me jacked up and lifted more weights while on 100G of carbs a day. Make sure you have those high quality mulit vit and min pill in handy. Super Nutrition Opt-pak is a good one. Everything in one bottle. I mean no more taking seperate stuff such as extra Vit E, Vit C, Magnesium (most of us are not consuming enough), to name a few. All the extra stuff are already in Opti Pak. It might not be a bad idea to have Prolab Thyrolean or something similiar to keep your thyroid revving up since it plays a big role on metabolism basal rate. When you cut out that much calories,your thyroid will eventually slow down to match the calories that you consume each day, that’s what thyrolean or others are for. You do need plenty of heathly fat! I consume about 80-100g of them a day depending on your bodyweight. I think they’ are very crucial if you’re consuming less carbs. I had no problem losing BF while gaining a few lbs of muscle and getting a lot stronger.

tungsten…about the glutamine…read up on some of Charles Poliquins recommendations. It works wonders on a low carb diet for recovery. It will help to increase your glycogen stores w/o having to eat the extra carbs.

Why do some of you tell him not to diet? Maybe he doesn’t care so much about being huge and wants to be ripped and maximize his strength at his bodyweight? Everyone’s goals are not the same. I’m 6’1 220 and I’m trying to get a six pack. I’m sub 10% yet I want to get to 7% in the next few months.

One thing poeple need to get away from is the whole bulking to 15% and then cutting. That’s the WRONG way to do things. Why put on all that mass if you are going to diet off 1/2 of your muscle. If people would be more patient, and only eat a few hundred calories above maintenance, they would gain a significantly larger amount of muscle compared to fat. Does it take longer to get big? Sure it does, but at least you don’t have to yo yo back and forth. Most people who get fat when adding weight are just using that as an excuse to eat krispy kreme.

IMO you shouldn’t be more than 10% EVER. Add LBM to 10%, cut to 7%, repeat as necessary.

Also, for what it’s worth…what’s the point of being 240 if you are fat and weak? I think a better approach is to get elite at your weight and then add bodyweight. My longterm goal is double bodyweight bench, triple squat. If I keep adding mass it’s going to take me forever to get there. It would make more sense to hit 440b and 650s at 220 before I purposely add muscle.

Damn, I need to stay off the ephedrine, coffe, and green tea combo lol

I think the key point here is that biceps wants to improve his sprint speed, and lower body fat will definitely help with that.

Don’t knock Krispy Kreme.


Well i know plently about supplements. i have BF of about 6% ;). Glutamine is fine if you have $$$ to blow but it isn’t on the A list for someone with limited budget though. I always use glutamine but after recently reading more and more and some more on various forums for feedbacks on glutamine, it doesn’t seem to be the ‘A’ supplement like creatine. I think it has to do with increasing LBM. For recovery purposes, i think it might be a good one but it just all depends…

Thanks for the advice guys. I am going to purchase the Udo’s Choice fish caps tonight. I wasn’t really thinking about it, but one of yall brought up taken creatine…im gonna do that too, that should help with the strength.

No, I’m not interested in getting “huge”, I want to increase my speed and strength-to-weight ratio. I also have never tried to get ripped, I’ve always just ate a lot good foods and bad foods. So, im interested to see if I can start gettin that “vein poppage” as well.

Also, what are the best sources of carbs that I should be gettin in? And is steak and eggs alright to eat everyday, if i dont eat it with any carbs?

Gracias Amigos


Do not buy the capsules! Just get a bottle. It’s much more cost effective that way.

What sport do you play?

Yeah agree with tungsten get a bottle of fish oil, its so much cheaper. At first I found it repulsive but now it doesn’t bother me at all.
The best source of carb is oatmeal! And post workout high glycemic carbs, ideally glucose/dextrose.