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Lose of Sex Drive Off Test

I am going on a two week vacation and can’t take my test with me through airport security , and I really don’t want my sex drive to decrease during these two weeks so my question is how long after your last test shot do you start to lose your sex drive I would be coming off a 10 week cycle

You can always mail it or put it in your checked bagage

It is really not a problem. I have flown several times from my home city, through a plane change at Atlanta, to Johannesburg, another plane change to Victoria Falls. Test and syringes in a clear Nalgeen bottle in my backpack for carry on. Sometimes they take the Nalgeen bottle out and look at it and put it back in the pack. Sometimes they don’t.

It is obvious on the x-ray. The screeners are very used to seeing medication in carry on and don’t get excited about it. They have gone right past my meds and syringes to take shampoo out and toss it. They worry about shampoo in carry on but don’t look twice at syringes.

I travel quite a bit and have never had a problem with my gear making it through airport security. It may help that I travel with a diabetes travel kit just to keep it organized… I doubt TSA xray techs know the difference between an IM or insulin pin… You could maybe even generate a fake Dr. note just to make you feel better. Screeners aren’t going to take the time to call your Doc to verify you have a “prescription”

Strip off the label and pack it in a checked bag. How long the last injection remains effective depends on the ester. If test-e or cpy, it has a 12 or 13 day half life, so you should be fine. You can always plan on starting your PCT while on vacation if using test-p.