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Lose no muscle when cutting?

I read that by diet alone, 6/10 lbs a person will lose will be muscle. Assuming you have a good diet and do HIIT 3 times a week, how much muscle can you expect to lose when cutting?



That depends on a # of factors.

How long you diet.

How low you drop your K/cals below maint.

How much fat you start with.

How you train.

How low of a BF% you go too.

What you eat.

How often you eat.

How much you rest.

The supps. you use.


All that said, it is better to go slow and shoot for 1-1.5lbs a week for the least loss of LBM for most ppl. Dont diet to long without taking a break and eating at maint. for a week or so. Very short bouts of server calorie deficite may be used, but you are still risking the loss of LBM.


Its all about the individual. Some will lose more than others while some may not lose a noticable amount. If someone is afraid to lose LBM, Tribex may be used to help you preserve what you have. Of course if you have higher than normal testesterone levels it wont do you much good. When cutting up to lose a great deal of BF Mag 10 is used by some people to preserve what they have and also add LBM for some. Over the past two months I have cut down my BF and gained LBM at the same time. I’ve gained 8lbs during that time and my strength levels have increased a great deal. So it is possible to do both, lose BF and gain LBM. It just takes knowing what works best for YOU.