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What would you all recommend to lose alot of weight. I can’t eat alot of protein because I don’t have time. I never sit down to eat a meal. I usually keep my calorie intake low. I take MD6 which i just ordered 6 bottles of :(. I want to start taking Methoxy 7 will this help me? Any other supplement anyone can recommend. I do 400 crunches per night and I am really just looking to lose the flab. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

You just answered your own question, if you never sit down to eat then I am under the impression that you eat rather sporadicly.Your body is rebelling against the lack of calories and is storing fat. If you just do 400 crunches a nite, what do you think that is going to do? I would start a good exercise regimen and start eating 6 small meals a day(whether mrps or what).Heres a suggestion check out TC’s delta 1250 or the anabolic diet. I would also check for polquins german body comp. program.

400 crunches? For God’s sakes why?
supplements such as Methoxy 7 are not going to help you until you get on a solid exercise routine. Spend some time reading past issues and put together a solid strength training routine.
I assume from your post that you are not lifting currently, correct? YOu need to take some time out of the day and set that aside for working out. It may sound hard but after a few months you’ll wonder how you ever got along before.

Jay, after reading your post I thought I was going to die! You don’t have time to eat (or exercise), and you are looking for a magic pill to lose the fab? Sorry, that’s not going to work. And you do 400 crunches per night? What’s that going to do? You might have strong abs, but if you are covered with fat, you’ll never see them!

So do like everyone suggests. Make time, eat right and check out the info in previous issues of T-mag. How bad do you want it?

Allright, buddy. The most important thing you need to remember is that you need to MAKE THE TIME. Deep down in your gut you know that “I don’t have the time” is a bullshit excuse. There are plenty of people in this country with 60+ hours a week jobs who make the time to train and eat right. Follow the advice of the other guys who posted. On the days when you know in the back of your mind that you are sitting back with a bag of chips instead of eating a well-rounded meal, or when you are watching television during time you could be in the gym, get up. Walk to the nearest mirror, look yourself in the eye, and stop accepting all the excuses you’ve been piling up in your brain. Get in the gym, move some pig iron, and remind yourself that the time for being a whining tub of goo has passed–it’s time to be a hardass. And for God’s sake knock it off with the 400 crunches every night.

Give the warrior diet a try. Only eat at night, limiting your caloric intake as well. Since you’re short on time to eat, this should be real easy. You can take ephedrine to speed up the process (it also supresses your appetite). Apparently to be safe you mustn’t take ephedrine for longer than 7 days in a row, then go off for a few days. Replace the time you spend doing crunches with aerobic activity such as cycling.

What the …Do you work out at all? Anything besides crunches? Not to offend, but you sound EXACTLY like all my overweight,flabby girlfriends-they don’t want to “bulk up” so they don’t lift weights,they do some aerobics(muscle atrophy)starve themselves(slow down metabolism)eat mostly carbs(increases fat)and then take “diet pills” when none of the above works,ending up smaller but with even less muscle tone.

Educate yourself! this site is great. When I changed my diet to eating more protein than carbs and started working out with free weights I very quickly saw results.I work 12 hr days,have two kids and 6pack abs.I make time.

Okay, I guess you have seen that pretty much everyone is in agreement that you are going to have to eat to lose weight. I know…I know…your thinking that’s crazy. Without qetting complicated…eating small frequent meal will speed up your metabolism, thus increase fat burning. Eat to prevent yourself from getting hungry, if you allow your self to get to the point where you body is telling you “Hey, feed me I’m hungry” your body is now in a defense state. You body at this point will take what ever you give it and start to store a portion of it as fat to create a reserve for the next time you allow it to take a defense posture. So eating small frequent meals tells your body “Hey, I’m not ever being starved, there is alway plenty of food, so I don’t have to worry about storing anything as fat to be burned later” I hope that this will make the importance of eating a little easier to understand. Now, you don’t have time to eat…Hmmmmmmm!!! I work 60 sometimes 80 hrs a week, but guess what I eat 7-8 times a day. I make a little time and sometimes cook several days worth of food so that all I have to do is take it out of the fridge, pack it up and take it to work with me. It also helps my co-workers, they know that when I am out of food for the day it’s time to go home, LOL!!!

It may also help you to forget about counting calories and just keep track of gram intake, Each gram of carbs=4 calories, protien=4, fat=9. Bottom line is you have to make the time.

Go to the FAQ section of T-mag or the Previous Issues section (the button on the left of the screen.) Methoxy and MD6 are great; that’s my favorite stack for fat loss. However, it sounds like you need to get the basics down i.e. training and eating. Read the Dawg School columns first at t-mag. They’re for newbies.

Did you write this just to piss us all off?