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I really want to try the fat fast diet. I MUST shed about 25-30lbs ASAP! Can you give me the specifics on what to do and what to get as far as food and supplements. I’d like to do it for the 6 weeks.
Need Help!!! I want to make my legs leaner b/c I have huge legs already and everytime I work them they just grow!!! I was a fitness competitor before and had a hard time getting them down b/c i have QUADS for days… I know! many try to attain size but I am a female and I am trying to get them small as possible. I am tryin to get lean all over too, b/c I want to compete again. I weigh about 140 and I 5’3. 80% of that weight is from my lower body. My body isn’t responding as it did when i competed before. The whole chicken and broccoli, tuna and eggs…etc…isn’t workin. I don’t know why! Any dieting suggestions as well.

Do a forum search for the “fat fast support group”.

Buy a TASTY protein powder, make sure it’s very low-carb. Buy some kind of oil mix or just flax oil. And make sure that the protein powder is tasty. You can also buy a few cans of tuna. Read the fat fast article and…good luck. I hope you fare better than I have, because my protein powder made me almost throw up after about 10 days.

Hali, I wish you all the best. The link is www.testosterone.net/html/107fat.html. And do a search on this site. There’s a Part 2.

Advice, have a Plan B. Not many people are able to go the whole 30 days. It’s the roughest diet on the site, bar none. There’s times you’ll want to throw up when you’re trying to down your protein.

Women lose weight first on their arms, second on their trunk and third on their legs. Know where they put on muscle first? Yup, legs. Sucks, doesn’t it.

You MUST create a caloric deficit and an additional deficit from exercise. A diet/food deficit causes one to lose visceral fat (the fat around the organs), which is a serious problem in and of itself. An exercise deficit causes one to lose subcutaneous fat, all that cellulite and fluffy stuff we hate. You need both.

Additionally, do a search on this site for BodyGem or MedGem. It’s a test you take that calculates your resting metabolic rate. Great thing to do after the fat fast. I’m sure you know this, but I’ll repeat, if you try and lose weight too fast, you’ll lose LBM. Just take in the number of calories that you get back from the test (80% of maintenance) and create an additional deficit with exercise. But no more than four 30-minute cardio sessions per week. Restraint in this area will protect your LBM.

Good luck, girl. I tried to lose weight for five years and made little to no progress until I found this site. It’s a great group of people, and they just happen to be smart as heck when it comes to diet, metabolic and macronutrient manipulation.

Of your bodyweight, how much of that is fat? Specifically how much do you have to lose that’s fat? If it’s all of that 24-30 lbs., that may help in slimming down your legs. If anything find out your BF% - to get a good/better idea of exactly where you’re at now.

Obviously now, you're body is useto the "same old diet to lose the weight routine." So it won't respond. It's adjusted, plus if you've gained a fair amount of weight since you've last competed, you do need to do something more. Is this all in preparation for a contest?

On the training side: have you ever thought of adding a tad bit of size to the upper body to balance your legs?

Read the FAQ, any article by John Berardi, and what El suggested (Fat Fast Support Group). Good Luck.

Because you are a former fitness competitor and endurance is most certainly an asset, I’m wondering if, when you train your legs, you might be using a lighter weight/higher rep scheme in order to “tone” them? If so, this could be one reason why you tend to put on mass easily on your quads. A scheme like 5x5 may be a better approach to keep strength up without the mass. Just a thought.

{Slaps head}

Yeah, what Tyler said. Shit, I’m currently doing something similar since my legs are growing out of proportion to what I want them to be.

Every three days I do the “main lift” for 1/2 of my legs (ie. squats and stiff-legged deadlifts). I warm up. Then I do sets of 6 (for squats) or 3 (for deads). If I do 6, but I feel I can do more reps, I don’t. I wait four minutes and increase the weight, again trying for 6 (or 3). The idea here is that I’m going to do the maximum weight my muscles will allow. This will cause the muscle to probably lean out, while increasing its hardness.

Tampa-Terry, that was very sweet, all that work.

Patricia, I thought I’d say this (and I’ll say it a few more times), there’s someone called “El” on the steroids board, and that’s not me. I know you guys call me “El” for short, and I don’t mind - just wanted to be clear! (I also post as El_Mac sometimes too, just being lazy)

Ooops, sorry! Okay, from now on, I will refer to you as El_Mac.

Also, when it comes to fitness competitors, you have to remember the gymnastics. I usually can spot the eventual top placers of the fitness comps by the lower body developement. I mean, some of these gals have to have decent leg muscularity due to all that tumbling, flipping and jumpin' about on stage. Maybe this gal should tone that leg training in the gym down and concentrate on just the gymnastics side of her training. Just a thought.

Oh, and yeah, the 5x5 is a good idea.

no, no … I don’t mind being called El, just don’t think it’s me when you see a post BY El. (Actually, I was quite flattered when people started given me a “short” name).

El Machinae, thank you! We’re all in the same boat, trying to achive the same things. I’ve received a lot of incredibly useful information from this site and a lot of support and ideas from people on the forum. There’s nothing that makes me happier than being able to give back.

Patricia, I like your idea about building up the upper body and balancing out lower body. It really DOES make a difference. I’ve lost a little weight – make that body fat – but due to my workout and emphasis, I seem to be putting on muscle upper body. It’s the first time in my life I haven’t looked like a pyramid . . . though I still have a ways to go.