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Lose Fat or Grow First, Help Please

Hi this is a picture of me
Sometimes is good to have an external point of view and thats why i would be very thankful to hear your opinions. what should i do I weight 74 kg and height 169 cm. what would you do losing fat before putting some mass or go into a grow face.

thank you

Depends if want to get properly jacked or just beach-body type look

thank you for answering. My goal is to put on some mass but im not sure if my bodyfal tevels are ok to do so. an external view is always welcome.

If you want to get bigger at this point, you can do a lean bulk… Start with maybe 200-300 calories over maintenance, set your macros accordingly and try that for 2 weeks to see how your body changes. Depending on that you can adjust it differently.

thank you, its always good to have different opinions. ive got to admit because being a fatty kid now I struglle a bit knowing if my fat levels are ok to bulk.

thank you:)

here is another picture with different lighting/ time

If you can see your abs which clearly you do, I would do a slight surplus to lean bulk and focus on building that base more…

Maybe start doing some weighted variations for abs or focus on slowing the tempo/contracting to make them pop more and grow. .

Honestly I couldn’t guess your BF %, but I’d say you’re at a pretty good level. Since you are fairly lean, controlling fat gain should be easier as it’ll be easy to see your body changing.

If you were more fat trying to build muscle, than gains would be difficult to gauge as to what is muscle vs more fat… Either way, expect to put on some fat gains, but with control you can put on more muscle with minimal fat.

You’re lean enough to see that V shape coming in those abs so great job!

You are skinny, my advice, grow, grow and grow, perma bulk watch your fats and carbs do not go overboard gain a decent 20-30 lb then CUT and repeat.

I have seen this question asked before by 1000 of people and the mistake they make is to cut because truthfully they want to look aesthetic but the truth is if you do not have ANYTHING to show after a cut you will look like slender man with a shitty 6 pack. The proper way is just to BULK, lift HEAVY and eat CLEAN.

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it’s individual preference. If you want to get significantly bigger then you’d be better off eating to gain and trying to push your bodyweight up.

If you want to rock some sexy abs, then cut.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Not everyone wants to be bodybuilder size, and not everyone cares about having shredded abs. It’s up to you which you’d prefer.

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I’d kill you to look that lean, but I doubt it would work. :smiling_imp:

@serrat1 Um…your NOT FAT!!!