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Lose Fat/Gain Muscle Possible?


I'm a 148 lb college student with about 8-9% body fat. My goal is to drop down to 5% body fat while gaining muscle mass. I eat 6 times a day (10,1,3,5,7,11) My workout schedual is this:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Run 3 miles in the morning, toning biceps, abs, triceps. Run 5 miles in the evening.

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: Run 3 miles in the morning. Tone abs. Run 3 miles in evening and lift for 1 hour.

Sunday: Off

Using the massive eating calculator, my daily needs are around 3000 calories per day. My question is this:

1) If I want to lose weight should i cut this down to 2500 calories?

2) Should I Do fasted morning cardio or drink a high-GI drink.

3) Should i load up on carbs after my morning cardio? If so how much and for how many meals.

4) Should I load up on carbs after my cardio nights as well as lifting nights?

5)How much protein/carbs/fat should i be intaking. (I noticed the smell of ammonia after switching to a high protein diet, wondering if its bad)

If anyone has answers to any of these questions or suggestions please do help!


GOOD LORD 5% why are you doing a competition?? If notr you do realize that level is Not healthy or expected to be at for any period of time. At your weight concentrate on adiing Muscle and you will lokk more ripped/big just by actually getting some muscle under your skin and on top of the bones.


I second what Phill says...

5% is asking for problems, and at your weight... c'mon, you're a skinny bastard as it is!

BULK UP it's winter! Besides, chicks dig guys with a little meat on them around that 6 pack as opposed to bones bones and more bones.

just curious, how the hell do you "tone biceps" and "tone abs"?

everyone knows that spot reduction is BS and can't be done unless it's by a liposuction fella.

Just bulk up and eat something! 148 is painfully skinny. The next thing you'll tell us is that you're also 6'2


Let me get this straight.
You're 148 lbs @8 - 9% bf

Your very first question is should I cut calories to lose weight?

I don't know what you were expecting, but I doubt it's going to be what you are going to get.

You can't even live at 5% bf for any extended period. It is grossly unhealthy.

Tone abs--what the hell is that. You're starving dude, your abs are freakin popping out of your skin!

I realize not everyone wants to be a mass monster, and I appreciate that. But anyone giving you advice to cut should have their head examined. You don't list your height, but put on 10 quality pounds over the next 3 months and try and tell me you don't look and feel better.


Great job!! 10 more pounds lost and you'll show those other girls on the cheerleading squad who's gonna bring it!


My guess is that 8-9% is a gross underestimate. Otherwise, I can't see that you'd want to lose weight at all... unless, that is, you want to look like one of the olympic marathon runners.

At 148, unless you've got a specific reason not to, you ought to be thinking about gaining some weight... fat be damned.


Ditto what the other guys have said!


Everybody who has responded to your question is of the same opinion and they are all telling you what you need to hear. Just listen to them, and focus on adding some good quality muscle. Just increase your lean body mass and you will achieve the goals you are really looking for.

By the way, you're going to have a hard time adding any muscle while running 6 to 8 miles a day. Actually, if the only change you made was to cut it back to no more than 2 miles, you'll likely add the muscle at a reasonable % bodyfat for the look you desire.


Hey, that was uncharacteristically kind! But I think he needs to lose at least 15 pounds to really compete with the anorexia.


Rah rah, sis boom six, our arms are skinny as wood toothpicks!

Yaaaaaay anorexia!!!!!


Ahh, I guess I should clarify. I'm 5'6 and 148. I wouldn't classify myself as very skinny. The reason i want to drop down to 5% is for the ripped six (maybe 8) pack ^^, but I do get the picture i'm running too much or trying to reach an improbable goal?


I had my Bodyfat measured by a B-Pod? Whatever you call those things, but the trainer said they were pretty accurate.


First off, I'm going to tell you, straight up, you are not 8-9%. Add at least 2% that and possibly more because i don't know how accurate those b-od things are. Second, 5% is not a good idea. It would be impossuble to hold on to that in the long run. I know from first hand experience. About a year ago i achieved 5% becasue i just wanted to see how ripped i could get. I looked freakish but I felt like shit. I held onto it for too long. I got to the point , because of severe dieting, where my blood sugar would get too low and i would get dizzy spells. 8% is much more attainable and alot healthier. But you don't need to worry about that. YOU ARE 148 FUCKING POUNDS!