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Lose Fat and Get Strong?


I read on another website that if you are losing bodyfat, then you wont be able to gain strength or muscle mass at the same time while you are losing the fat.

so if someone is doing HIIT and stuff to lose some fat, they wont be able to get stronger or more muscular at the same time?

Is this true?


It depends.

And, what are you doing reading another website? T-Nation has the most up to date information on the net about working out and everything it involves.


Yes true for a large part. If eating to lose fat. Then it is VERY hard to make stregnth gains or grow mucle. You need fule to do that. Now relative strenght can increase by simply aiming to do your best at keeping the level of strenght you have and losing fat.

A few exceptions. You are a newbie then yes you can accheive both. Or if you are very over fat. Have a Large amoutn of excess BF.

That help,


if your body is synthesizing muscle it requires energy in excess meaning, whatever the hell your doing at the length of time during synthesizing + the energy required to build lean mass.

conversely, to lose body fat you must come in a caloric deficit, use more than you gain.

Now this only means that the body cannot do both at the same time. Unless ofcourse there was a way body fat could be used to synthesize muscle. At this moment in time, nobody knows how to do that.

This does not mean that by not being able to do both at the same time, means you cannot do both in the same day.
your body can spend 1 hour of burning fat, and then hop right into building muscle right after that depending on how your body wants to do it.

usually during physical stress though the bodies synthesis of proteins slows and the body begins using more protein as fuel as well, so this is why it's always a good idea to have a protein source in your body, a better alternative to having your body eat your own muscle.


I'm very much in the same boat (I have a thread in the beginner section regarding my goals.

You mention how at different times in the day, you can grow muscle and lose fat.

If I workout heavy 5 days a week, and do the morning pre-breakfast jog on the workout days, would this benefit me?

I have never attempted the early morning jog plan on workout days...I know I could handle it (say a 15 min. light jog)...

Let me know what you think would benefit me best.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out how much cardio is too much cardio and what times are bad for the cardio when I want to burn fat (I'm about 20%BF), and gain muscle.

Thanks for any input,


Yeah I mean why would you ever wanna try to expand your knowledge by checking out different sources and cross referencing them against each other.


its possible to enhance the cns while dropping fat, making you stronger

if you have a high work capacity, adding HIIT, dropping total reps, set reps, and increasing sets can balance out your workload to get stronger and not over do it