Lose 2.5 LBS/Week with Wendler & Cardio 4 Days/Week?

I weight 199 pounds. I want to lose 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks. I am doing a diet right now that includes 1 cheat meal a week an my routine is:
M - Squats, Bench, Row
T and W - 30 min treadmill 4 incline and 4 speed (lowering speed to keep my heart rate im fat burning mode)
T - Deadlift, Press, fat bar grips
FSSun - Rest
With this I usually lose between 1 - 1.5 pounds a week.
This is my diet:
Breakfast: Two cheese sandwiches. 70 Grams of cheese mozzarella not fat + 3 white eggs + coffee and milk + banana
Snack #1 Piece of Fruit
Lunch: 120 grams of Protein (fish, steak or chicken) + 1 cup of salad+ 1 cup of carb + piece of fruit
Snack #2 Tuna Can+Piece of fruit
(1-2 hours later I exercise)
Dinner:120 grams of Protein (fish, steak or chicken) + 1 cup of salad+ 1 cup of carb + piece of fruit

On Saturday and Sunday I only change 2 things:

  1. Do not eat a tuna can
  2. One cheat meal. Usually Sunday lunch, I pig out an eat dessert.

If your diet is correct then yes, otherwise no.

If you dont loose 2-3 pounds a week then drop calories by 100 per day and repeat for another week.

Repeat until you are loosing weight at a rate of around 2-3 lbs a a week.

Muscle will most certainly be part of that 2-3 pounds. An intelligent, more conservative approach, would help maintain muscle while losing (primarily) fat.

You want to lose a not-insignificant amount of weight in a very short period of time… and your plan involves recurring cheat meals and doing zero exercise three days a week. Dude.

Also, I’m not really seeing a question anywhere, but I’m guess you’re wondering if the plan will work? You literally answered it yourself, “With this I usually lose between 1 - 1.5 pounds a week”. So, no, your plan won’t deliver what you want it to.

5/3/1 in general doesn’t really deliver anything in just two weeks because it’s deliberately designed for long-term progress, so you’re using the wrong tool for the job (or you’re aiming at the wrong target). If you need to drop 5 pounds in 2 weeks, the hardest-to-screw-up plan is to replace the majority of your carbs with lean protein and vegetables.

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Good on ya, @Chris_Colucci.

Also, I can hear Jim laughing at “fat burning zone”

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I am telling you the plan I am doing. Now instead of criticizing you can offer some advice like saying :“Add one or two days of cardio, avoid carbs, do not have a cheat meal,etc.” What I am doing is what I know…

How many pounds per week? 1% of body weight?

I literally said to do everything you just mentioned.

Let me be clear. Your advice would be not to eat carbs at all? I put my diet on my first post.

Good time to start. You just edited your initial post to include your diet. Having that info from the beginning would’ve been more helpful, but I stand by my advice: Replace the majority of your carbs with lean protein and vegetables.

Um, no. My advice would be to replace the majority of your carbs with lean protein and vegetables. Majority as in most. And replace meaning add those other things instead.

Right now, you’re having two sandwiches for breakfast and I’m presuming two sandwiches means four slices of bread - which, right there, is almost as many total carbs as some people have all day long when losing fat - along with fruit. (We’re not getting into the fact that a few cheese sandwiches and a couple of egg whites isn’t a real breakfast, let alone what someone trying to lose fat should have, because that’s a whole other issue.)

Then there’s fruit for a snack. Then more carbs plus a piece of fruit for lunch. Then another piece of fruit for a snack. Then more carbs plus another piece of fruit at dinner.

That’s a lot of carbs every day for someone lifting just two days a week and doing minimal cardio. You absolutely do not need fruit in every meal. Replace a few of those fruit and/or carb servings with a protein shake and a chunk of broccoli or a handful of spinach and a chicken breast or beef jerky wrapped in a lettuce leaf, anything.


why 5lbs exactly and why in two weeks? Why not take walk(tradmill) everyday if its low paced?

I always aim to 1 -1.5 pounds week. The purpose of my post is to find out what I can do better to increase my weight loss with minimum muscle loss.

Thanks man!

By the way, anyone knows how many calories do you burn in a 45 min - 1 hour Wendler531 workout?

There are too many variables. How much weight are you lifting? Is it squat day? How much are you resting between sets? Are you super-setting? How much does the lifter weigh?

I would say doing a Krypteia-style routine burns a ton of calories. Also, big compound movements will have an after-burn effect you won’t have on steady state cardio.

One last thing: 531 is really best suited for someone that has performance (rather than weight loss or aesthetics) as their top priority. It works best if you are eating to improve your performance. You certainly can lose weight on it based on your diet, but you might check out other training templates that are more geared for that goal.

I am just addicted to strength training! haha! I have increased A LOT since I started training! I started with Stronglifts then switched to Wendler 531.

Follow the Maffetone method. Take 180 and subtract your age from it. This is your target heart rate in beats per minute. Keep you heart rate close to this number while you use the treadmill, bike, stair mill. Go for an hour and drink BCAA’s while you do it. Do your lifting after this. Drink BCAA’s while you lift.

Do this every day for the next two weeks.

Don’t eat 5 hours before you go to bed.

In two weeks you should be down 5 lbs.