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Lose 18 Pounds in 4 Weeks?


hi all,

well new to this so need bit of help lol

i am going into competition for figure BUT really need some help can anyone help me ??

i need strip fat fast !!!! ......just started taking t4,tiromal, clenbutrol and reductil ......



You decide on doing this last minute or something?

I say rather not try it, extremes like this are never healthy. It works out to something stupid like 3 kilos a day. Unless I have gone and fucked myself with the maths.

Never the less, people will do what they want to do. So conditioning wise I say hit the kb swings big time. Weighted complexes and the like. Be as energy inefficient as you can and somehow try and not impact on your muscle development.

I repeat, this sounds nuts.


Here ya go:


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You made 3 threads asking the same question, if I were you I'd message a MOD asking them to delete the others.

Can you post some stats? Height, weight, body fat, contest experience, measurements, training methods, training age, and age would give us more to work with.


its 290grams of fat loss a day for 4 weeks, and your taking a heavy stack, you will kill it. Don't starve yourself, just adjust your calories and train hard, it takes 3500 cals per 1kg of fat loss, so 18 pounds equals just over 8kg to loose, 8kg equals 28000cals all up.

If you adjust your daily cals to reduce down by 500 below maintenance, and than do an extra 500 cals of steady state cardio every day (roughly a 2-2.5hr walk) that should do it. It will be hard, but you could easy achieve it, just have discipline. The reduction and walking will equal around about 14000-17000 cals, but the stack and your regular training will amount for the rest.
Good luck.


I thought it was 3500 per POUND of fat loss.


That's what i thought as well, i.e 1 lb of fat will suply 3500 kcal of energy. So 18 X 3500 is 63.000 kcal. Thats a lot of extra exercise to get through.


Since someone bumped this thread for no reason, coughBN*couch*, OP why don't you tell us if you achieved your goal of losing weight.

It has been almost two months now.


sorry and all that : i was just having an idle poke around the forums !!, interest was simply due to having sat down and worked out the numbers for my own situation.

damn--bumped again !!


Hey Katie

You may want to look into Roman Fitness Systems 'Final Phase Fat loss'. I lost about 8kg over 2 months using it, whilst maintaining LBM.

Good luck



At your size I don't think you're going to be succesful. That's too much and most would just be water weight anyway if you really do attempt it. Take a little more time and do it right.