Los Angeles T-Cell

As one of the only writer’s for T-Mag in the LA area, I am going to take a leadership role on this and see if there is interest in a Los Angeles T-cell. I am based in Marina Del Rey so the meetings would have to be convenient to me (Hey, I am starting this thing :wink: Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Playa Del Rey etc will do.

Send me a PM if you are interested and lets get something going regularly.

Mike Mahler

BUMP to this.

I’m in San Bernardino but I would glady drive an hour to meet my fellow T-men.

Venice maybe?

I’m from Pomona. Sounds good to me.

bump- lets get this goin!

I think we’re a little over a year late, but bump this up fo shoo!


WOw i didn’t notice how old this is…and I pm’d Mike too.

Damn can you guys STOP bringing up old ass posts that require a response or something? Just make a new one!