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Lorne to Timbo

Timbo: thanks for your reply to my questions and concerns about carbs at night. I appreciated your reply and thought I’d ask a couple more questions, if you don’t mind. You mentioned that my second post workout meal (about an hour after taking Surge?) should be low-mediuc glycemic carb…does it make a difrerence if it’s HIGH GLYCEMIC or MODERATE/LOW GLYCEMIC, in your opinion? Thanks for the advice.

Lorne…I mind very little, my friend, as I’m always pleased as punch to assist in anyone’s endeavors to achieve their health, fitness and physique goals. That said, no, it really doesn’t matter if that first post-training meal is high, moderate or low glycemic. All carbs will be used to resynthesize used energy stores (i.e. glycogen) and for present energy need. The low to moderate suggestion was more of personal preference (I’m part Horse, all I eat is oats:-), and also to help stabilize insulin levels and a more sustained, gradually release of blood glucose. But no, it really doesn’t matter.

Lorne…my response was primarily based on the fact that your goal was gaining muscle mass. If this is not correct, then some stipulations may be in order, particularly total carbohydrate content. I should also note that I like to see this meal about an hour or so after the post-workout drink (i.e. Surge). And, Lorne, just a heads-up: you needn’t start new threads thanking everyone and asking additional questions. We all realize you’re quite grateful and thank you for being open about it, but you can go ahead and continue these responses in your current active thread simply by addressing each respondee within:-)

Ooops! I goofed that one… sorry about that. Kind of embarrassed about it, but just wanted people to know I’m appreciating the help. Thanks again.

Lorne…I completely understand your gratitude and appreciation. I’m always in the same boat. Just trying to save some space. We’re all here to help and glad to do so, while learning from one another simultaneously. No need to feel embarassed either. As a matter of fact, I’d rather you post thanks 30 times over than disappear and never say a word again:-)