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Lorne to SRS

Hi SRS: thanks for helping me out with your advice regarding my post workout meal. I have the VERY problem you m entioned…I find I’m so busy during the day, I don’t eat as much as I need to, and then, in the evening hours to compensate for my lack of daytime calories, I eat more (albeit good clean food). I wonder if this is afffecting my ability to start seeing “cuts” in my midsection. I work out hard, eat right, and keep my cheat meals down to a real miminum, but still can’t get much below 15-14% and 160 lbs. It could be that I’m just eating too much food in the later hours of the day. Any thoughts? Thanks

Lorne, it’s probably better to use the reply button instead of starting all these new threads.

I goofed…sorry about that. Actually, rather embarrassing, to be honest

Lorne- I’ll reply to the question in the original post- see you there :-).