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Lorne to GashMan

Hi GashMan…hope you read this letter…your the first person I’ve read on the forum who seems to “eat” and work out like me…meaning LATE in the day. What you wrote, I relate to. So I wanted to ask you some more questions. Like yourself, I’ll take my Surge about 10:00 or so, and then bike home from the gym, and then eat another meal (it’s ALWAYS cottage cheese PLUS peanut butter). I guess I do that because by 11:00 pm, I’ve been concerned about taking in carbs at that time, AND also Peanut butter really satisfies my need for fullness. I may be screwing up however, because I don’t know how smart it is to be taking P+F as a 2nd post workout meal. Yet, eating cottage cheese and a carb that late at night doesn’t “fill me up.” So, any thoughts on that? Thanks again for helping me with your feedback. Hope to hear from you.

I used to do that. Now I work out in the morning and late in the evening. I’d suggest plain oatmeal instead of peanut butter. Yeah plain oat meal is kinda nasty but it will last longer than most carbs. Anything high in fiber will last longer.