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Lorenna Mckennit (Singer)


I was going through my old cd's the other day when I discovered a Lorenna Mckennit cd. I plopped it in to my computer and realized why I bought it. Her voice is amazing. I went out the next day and bought everything I could find of hers.

I have been looking for similar artists butI can't seem to find any that compare. I am getting stuff like Enigma. I like them but I like Loreenas style. With the diversity we have on this site I was hoping someone could help me out.

Two of my favorites are Mystics Dream and Mummers Dance. I will try and link the songs.




Try Enya?


Ha ha...yeah. Enya is what I meant not Enigma. Only time by Enya is great. Lorenna has more of a Celtic Middle Eastern feel. I really like that.


I'm not familiar with other Celtic musicians as it's not my particular cup of tea but this list may help.


I has listened to a few of those artists. I will definetly check the ones out that I haven't. Thanks for your help. Is that you in your avatar? Do you play?


Try Clannad. My favorite albums of theirs are Fuaim and Anam.


Will do....thanks!!



That one is on Anam and this one is off Fuaim.


No problem. Yes, that is me in my avatar and I do slappa da bass mon. Not professionally. I've played in a couple of amateur/small gig bands in the past but I don't really have the time to do more than spend a few minutes here and there messing around with either a practice or headphone amp. I do love the bass as an instrument. It's the first instrument I learned to play with any level of proficiency.


I like this one. I will pick up the this cd and give them a try. Thanks for the suggestion.


always loved Steeleye Span. incredible vocals and musicianship. took traditional to a new place and loved the bawdy.


I dont know if you guys have heard but there's this awesome video you can find on you tube. I think its called Friday by some girl named Rebecca. Check it out if you have time.

You wont not be sorry.


Dude that video kicked ass. I will definitely pick that one up, favorite her on my facebook, and then tweet that shit to all my friends. Thanks man.


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