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if i was you i wouldn't bother counting and limitng calories, I'd just eat as much as possible because you need to grow. same with trying to get down to 10% bodyfat and bulking at same time. you should really try and gain weight without being held back with trying to get leaner at the same time. (although you dont want to end up 25% or higher) try and get to about 200lbs and then decide if you want to cut or keep bulking. Also a note on ab training, that one set of crunches to failure isn't to good. I'd recommend going heavy -ish eg below 15reps and doing weighted planks, leg raises etc. finally you train arms twice a week and only have 3 lower body exercises, you should add in some more quad and hamstring work e.g hack squats rdl's and front squats. thats my $0.02


First of all, nice job making progress so far and getting back into lifting. I think trying to get lean and build muscle at the same time is a difficult thing to do, but you will naturally get more lean if you are eating a clean diet.

The most important thing to do is to pack on some muscle, because no matter how lean you get you won't have that "ripped" look without having some muscle to reveal once you strip away the fat. I'd try to eat more calories and make sure they are as clean as possible. You may want to cut out the cardio after your workouts for the time being.

Also, you may want to try throwing a few heavy weight sets in on the core exercises: squats, bench, deadlift, overhead press. A few sets in the 5 rep range with significantly heavier weights can really help to put on some mass and gain overall strength.


That workout looks like it came from Scooby.


Does not compute.

Use Starting Strength. Marl Rippetoe. Google. GO!


I know what he's talking about. Look the guy up if you want a laugh. He has a decent physique but his routines and vids almost make me think he's trying to hold others back from making progress.

Starting strength would be a good idea, but don't neglect any bodyparts. Add in some bi/tri/calf work or you'll regret it later.


Not sure if this should be taken as a compliment or an insult, but you don't look "skinny fat" in those pictures. I interpret skinny fat to mean thin looking in clothes but with obvious man titties or a jiggly belly when they're sans fabric.

You just look average. Not everyone without visible abs and veiny biceps is skinny fat, and certainly not someone at 13% body fat.

With that said, I see why you'd want to make improvement.


Thanks a lot for the help. I still want to carefully put on muscle mass though. I don't want to go on a "see-food" diet....

Thanks a lot for this, it helped. Definitely going to implement the last paragraph there... I will invest in heavier weights too. When I work in the 5 rep range, do I work at around 85% of my 1RM?

It actually didn't, (at least not consciously) but I do subscribe to his videos on YouTube....

I've heard of this book... I'll pick it up thanks... I've also seen Rippetoe's rep ranges chart...

Like I said, I wish I took before photos. Not like I made a vast improvement or change or anything, but believe me I had a pouch, skinnier arms, and man boobs 5 months ago. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.... You can still see my "love-handles" though and my zero definition thanks to a layer of fat.

I'm motivated as hell now... I am a student of the game... I am a sponge, I am open to everything at this point and really want to improve myself... I've never felt so passionate about bodybuilding before... I hope you guys don't get the impression that I'm a fly-by-night beginner. I'm here to get results and I'm very patient.... so I appreciate you guys helping me and assure you you're not wasting your time. I'm not looking for a miracle, just advice so I can put in a good effort in the gym and see some muscle gains in a year.


first of all good effort so far and well done for getting back in the game.

My only advice (as an intermediate and definalty no expert lifter) is that you only hit Abs once a week for one excercise. As PJS2010 pointed out you can stanbd to change up your Abs a bit.
try getting on to a decline bench and lying with a dumbell of medicene ball behind your head, do weighted incline sit ups with the ball and try doing 3 sets with the first 2 stopping when you start to lose form but not actual failure. Then max out the 3rd set until you cant move your stomach. count up the reps for the total of 3 and set that as your target to beat for next session.
also try mixing in Plank to help stabilise your deep muscles.

Thye best advice you can have tho is find some big weights. either buy them or head to a local gym to use theirs. the big compound movements (Bench, squat, deadlift, OHP etc.) will be invaluable to you and as they will work lots of muscles and massively improve your overall strength

good luck, hope my advice was helpful