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Lordy, I See The Light!


I'm putting this under the Beginners thread becasue despite hitting the iron religiously I've been 150-160lbs with minimal increases in strenght and size for 8 years.
I've wasted time and effort listening to the advice of know-it-all/know-nothings, pissed away a ridiculous amount on wonder supplements and almost gave up on trying to put on mass.

Finally, after performing self cranial-rectal-ectomy, doing a whole lotta research (including this killer site and a beat-up copy of Stuart McRobert's Brawn) I went from 160 to 210 and was lifting weight I never approached before. This was done in under 4 months (I packed on a little chubb, but actually only put an inch on my waistline).
So, as I said, despite "working out"for 8 years, having only now seen the light, I consider this time as the beginning of my REAL training.


I know the feeling of finally seeing results after much wasted time. I too have been working out for like 7-8 years and up until 4 months ago have not seen the results I wanted or any significant ones. Took me a while to realize that it's not just about training hard, it's about training smart.


Both inspiring to see what I can do and yet frustrating as hell to think about how I might look if I, like you said, "trained smart" from the start.
What kind of gains have you made Velz?


Yeah LOL. I too have thought "Damn. If only I knew these things sooner." I'd probably already be where I want to be. That's ok though. Most people go to the gym their whole lives and still know nothing.

As far as my gains go, well, I've always had a nice build but my chest was totally flat, which is embarassing, especially when I had nice arms and shoulders. I could never get my chest to grow, until recently. I've also dropped about 23 pounds and lowered my bodyfat from like 23% to 17%. I started out at 208 with a noticable pouch in my stomach and a flat chest even with my sternum, and stand now at around 185 with visible signs of ab development and a chest that can almost crack open a walnut. I want to drop down to about 11% bodyfat and then possibly get up to 190-200 pounds of lean muscle. As far as strength gains go, well, I've burst through too many plateaus to mention lol. All in all, I'm not where I want to be yet, but I feel like I'm definitely on my way there. I have to say though, the most valuable gain I've made, is knowledge.


Hah! Congrats. It's good to have a resource like T-Nation when you're young so you know what to do right from the start. :wink: What is your routine like? Split, Full, etc.?


What were you actually doing for 8 years? No one has ever needed some advanced program created by Olympic trainers to make progress. You pretty much just have to stay consistent, lift progressively heavier weights and eat enough to gain weight. Which of those things weren't you doing and what kept you from changing things after...8 months...or 8 weeks?

I understand we all don't find what works for us immediately, but 8 years without progress usually indicates you simply didn't want to make progress bad enough in 8 years.


All of the above. I made a bit of progress but was training without focus. I trained and ate like someone who was trying to stay lean while I really wanted to add mass.
When I look back I see I was hesitant to really push myself and took the advice of people and articles that told me what I wanted to hear (you can add lots of mass without gaining fat, squats and deads should be avoided because they're dangerous, blah-blah-blah). Yup, I was chikenshit to really push myself and do what I had to do to get bigger.