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Lord's Gym


Anyone heard of this or been to a Lord's Gym? Seems like a pretty cool concept, good for youth too.






Bodybuilding is nondenominational.


I used to see these t-shirts when I was a kid, but I didn't know there was an actual gym. I just thought it was a take off on the Gold's and World gym shirts, kinda like the Christian No Fear type shirts.



I wonder what kind of music they play there...if it is all Christian or if its secular...

I also wonder if they yell at people for using chalk and deadlifting....


Jesus and I love you


Jesus looks like he's been hitting his side delts pretty hard.


Jesus does DC


Is it just me or do all of Slimthugger's posts get deleted?

I see his name as the thread starter and can see the preview of his post but when I click on the thread the first post in the thread is from rrjc


Would love to see what that place looks like on the inside.


It's your computer


More of the same, interesting to say the least.



thank God I am Roman Catholic


Sounds pretty gay. Let's lift weights to a phony space God who's existence is based on a bunch of fairy tales all put together by guys less than a couple thousand years ago.

How about you lift because it's fun?

I bet they all use holy water instead of Dbol.




Yeah, do you have to be Christian to lift there or what? I mean if I started a gym that banned Christians, I'm sure I'd hear some shit.


Off this site...

"Finally, the TRUTH that will open your eyes!

Does the I.F.B.B. have a secret agenda to lead you into devil worship? Is it really possible that Joe and Ben Weider worship Satan? Can the success of their bodybuilding empire be attributed to their loyalty to Lucifer?

Does this link to Lucifer help further explain the sudden deaths of two Mr. Olympia contenders and why murders have been commited by top bodybuilders? Check out this web site and decide for yourself. It will definitely change your life!"

Now I am no fan of the Weider Empire, but I am pretty sure they are not in league with Satan.

Religious nut-jobs.


Lol @ religion, even bigger lol @ religion flavoured gyms.


Hopefully not. That's certainly not the way a Christian establishment should be run.


I think it's faith based, but isn't exclusive. The Habitat for Humanity of gyms.