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Lordosis Question

Ive got a question for you people with knowledge around this matter.
How come that when i slightly bend my knees it is easier to tilt the lower pelvis forward(by tightening the glutes) and correcting the lower back than it is when i stand up straight with my knees?

It feels like there is something blocking the pelvis to tilt forward when i stand up straight. I dont exactly feel like walking around like a monkey with filled diepers on his ass all day long.


I’m guessing your talking about knees locked vs. not. The reasoning is that when your knees hyperextend (which is required for them to lock)it makes your thigh angle backwards. This causes your hips to tilt forward so that the socket can stay in a natural position. This then leads to a greater curve in the lumbar section of the spine. When you unlock your knees and move them forward your hips shift back and pull your spine down since the spine connects at the bottom of the hip girdle thingy (I don’t know the name). So there’s the short version of lordosis.