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Lordosis/Anterior Pelvic Tilt?


Is there anyway to fix it? I've been doing glute bridges and hamstring stretches for a good month now, and have not seen any results. Is it possible I have the form incorrect? Or am I just doing the wrong stretches or something? I don't lift, but I do track. Our summer track training is an Insanity cardio session and then running after, so I'm not sure if its the best thing in the world.


Would ditch the hamstring stretches, you want them to pull the back of your hip down, stretching will do the opposite.

Continue the glute work but also try stretching your quads and strengthening your abs to pull the front of your hip up.


Generally with Lordosis:
-the hip flexors are tight
-the quads are tight (specifically the Rectus Femoris)
-the lower back is tight
-the glutes are weak
-the abs (especially lower Rectus Abdominus) are weak
-the hamstrings may be weak or understimulated

In my experience (my own as well as most of my clients with this issue), most people with Lordosis also have tight pecs (both Pec Major and Pec Minor), tight lats/Teres Major, tight triceps (specifically long head), and weak lower and middle traps. Aka, their overhead mobility is poor or they have dysfunctional overhead mechanics.


Oops, forgot to mention how to help alleviate the problem.

Basically you need to perform stretching (personally I prefer PNF 2-3x per week and static stretching the other 5 days a week) for the tight muscles and strengthening exercises (which also act as “active stretching”) for the weak muscle groups. You need to pay attention to detail, be patient, and (as silly as this might sound) have the right mental attitude when approaching this though.