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Lord why have you forsakin me.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCK! O.k. so I fixed the scraping of the shins problem. Well here is the problem now.I have had a problem with my sciatic nerve on and off for the past four and a half years. So the other day I am deadlifting and everything is going fine till I get up to 365. After the 365 I thought I felt what was my sciatic nerve but this time it was different. It was in the lower back region on the right side but instead of it being pain going down my leg it was specificly in my lower back. It hurt to the point where I couldnt stand up straight and I had to lay on my back for the pain to go away.after about 20 mins I was alright. So here is the deal I can do all quad dominant movements with out any problem but hip dominant movements no matter how light end up doing the same thing to me every time. One thing I have noticed is that my right side ,mainly my hip and lower back are doing more work than the left side. Feel free to tell me I have an inbalance.

I dont want to give up my deadlifting because I depend on it for my upper back and rear delt development. So I was wondering if anyone has had success with A.R.T. and back problems like this. Also does anyone know if there is anyone in the Seattle area that practices A.R.T. If anyone has any tips on how to fix this imbalance please feel free to throw in your 0.02. Anything at all just say it.

Man I will take bloody shins anyday over this bullshit.

Dude, Same problem here. I injured my lower back awhile ago (~1yr) and every time I perform SLDL, squats or regular deads it feels like my right side is doing all the work. I don’t know how to fix this. I have been stretching thorougly, doing reverse hypers religiously and doing a hellafied abdominal work. I can’t seem to fix this imbalance and the sciatic pain that sometimes accompanies it.

I had a similar problem for several years. I eventually found that it was due to weak erectors and low core strength. To correct this problem, I added heavy power-arched good mornings and power-arched Romanian deadlifts to leg/lower back day. I augmented these with reverse hypers and glute-ham raises. Now, after four months, my max (contest legal) squat is up over 500 lbs, and it continues to improve every week. My lower back no longer bothers me. In fact, with the increased lower back and core strength, I actually feel a lot better in day-to-day life. This change, along with serious forearm/grip training I did at the same time, has allowed me to finally have functional strength that is useful in daily life, as opposed to being strong only on the bench. Good luck.

If it ever hurts, lie on the floor & put yer lower legs on a chair so yer legs & lower body make a zigzag. That will decompress your spine & it won’t hurt so much. Get to a chiropractor/art guy asap though.

It sounds like your SI joint. I have recently been having problems there also. It gets out of line and causes your low back muscles to tighten to protect it but when the muscles are tight it won’t go back into it’s correct groove. You can either co see a chiro or a PT. Or get your woman to thoughly massage the area and take a warm bath to loosen the muscles and a lot of times it will work itself back into place and when it does the pain instantly leaves. I was rolling out of bed the other morning since I couldn’t sit because of the pain and when my leg touched the floor I felt a quick slide and pop and the pain disappeared.

IMO you do have an imbalance. I think the focus should be on correcting the imbalance not the pain caused by the imbalance. Add some unilateral work to your left side and minimize the work/load on the right side for a while. The unilateral work to the left side could be King deadlifts, Db shrugs, single leg good mornings and single leg SLDL. Also, focus on stretching your right side 50 to 100% longer than your left side. When you perform your normal deadlifts concentrate and visualize the work you are doing on the left side. This should help improve the neural imbalance

Anyone else have any tips? Come on folks I am desperate. Anyone at the T-mag staff have anything to say? I will apreciate anything,in fact let me just thank anyone in advance for their help. THANK U!