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Lord of the Rings.

I finally saw it. Yup it kicks some ass. I read the books along time ago and I’m not a diehard fan so I didn’t nitpick minor things. Overall they did a truly good job. However just a few things I noticed. Apparently the Orcs in the movie learned Archery from the Storm Troopers from StarWars…that’s the only way I can explain their accuracy. Also Legolas has 475 arrows in his quiver. Liv Tyler is hot. :slight_smile:

I may be alone here, but I really didn’t like Lord of the Rings. Everyone I saw it with liked it, but I thought it was corny and cliche. I can understand the cliche thing since it is old, but I just can’t get over the whole theme of black being evil and white being good. The villains were always the predictable big and powerful but stupid types, who are easily killed. Then there was a certain part where one of the good guys got shot with an arrow. He was completely surrounded, and dying, but he managed to kill off a few bad guys anyway, as they were just standing by him doing nothing for some reason. That was just corny in my opinion. Then again, I didn’t really like Star Wars Episode 1 all that much either, so maybe I’m just not into fantasy movies. I know most people really liked LOTR, so is there anybody else who saw it that didn’t really like it?

I really liked it, but remember I read the books in 1978. They were already old at that time! LOTR was the first fantasy epic ever, which is why it’s held in such high regard. I think they did a great job in taking the book to the screen.

I saw it with three other people and was the only one awake at the end. I thought it was okay. The battle scenes are mind-blowing.

I’d like to see a movie based on the Dragonlance series.

I heard they were going to make a dragonlance movie a few years back… but it couldnt get funding. LOTR might spark some interest into the project.

I usually don’t comment on this off-topic thread because it is just banter. However, I too, would love to see a movie done on the Dragon Lance books. That was the shit I read as a kid. Very good characters that had depth.

Damn great minds think alike. I had the same thought after watching the movie. I think alot of people who didn’t like Lord of the Rings would love Dragonlance. It’s more modern…So the Hero’s of the Lance or The Legend of Huma? Have’t read Test of the Twins but I think that would kick ass, from what I have heard of it.

“Test Of The Twins” would be my favorite. (Rastlin was my favorite character) The question is, who will play the twins? (I don’t know any actors that look alike in the face, yet one is very muscular and the other isn’t.)

I should go read “Test of the Twins”. Hmmmmm I’m thinking they could get two look alikes have one do body for life and let the other crank in some insane steroid festival. However your right that would be hard. Heroes of the Lance is the most Hollywood of the 3. :slight_smile:

LOL…I think the dude that plays Super…Teen in the new WB Superman series should play Rastlin and I’m not sure who looks like him. Maybe, Arnold…lol.

Steve Bushemi as Rastlin. lol

i’m with you on the dragon lance movie! i think the ‘twins’ triology would make an AWESOME set of movies! i also think the set about the war of the lance would be great… dragons of -insert season here- they have just as much adventure and a lot more dragons

Can’t believe other people read those Dragon Lance books. I was reading those in high school and my parents thought I was going to become satanic or something. Built up quite a collection, too. Good stuff for a quick, light read. Movies would be good, but there were so many books that it would be hard to pick which ones to make. Would take some major funding to pull it off, though.

gary - you hit the problem right there. they made a dungeons and dragons movie 2 years ago and it was beyond horrible… and tons of money was spent. dragon lance is too close to the same theme…i’m afraid no one will ever touch it.

Damn your right he would make a perfect Rastlin. I saw in the stores they rereleased the books. Makes me wonder if a movie isn’t faraway. What pissed me off is that they don’t have the Larry Elmore covers. The characters just aren’t the same unless there drawn by him. As for Favorite characters…Lauranna(Lauralanthalsa), Rastlin…Kitera, Tas, Tika, Kaz, Huma…and the Dragon chic from legend of Huma. Yay I’m a nerd. :slight_smile:

Okay which Michelle are you the t-vixen one or the rugby one? Or are they the same. Damn people should have different handles. :slight_smile:

as far as i know there is only one - that’s me. i play rugby and edit the ‘gang’ column. i’ve been crazy busy with work and moving so haven’t been around in a while…

Okay cool. :slight_smile:

Larry Elmore rocks. I’m a (barely) acquaintance of his - have a couple signed original pieces. He’s a hell of a lot funnier that you might expect him to be.