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Lord of the Rings DVD

If anyone out there is a big fan of the Lord of the Rings, do not buy the DVD which became avaiable this week. My brother just bought it and it has an add for the 5 hour orignal (no deleted scenes) coming out in two months. It is a 4 Dvd set.

My girlfriend bought it last night. I watched it for the first time. She’s going to be pissed when she finds out there is a better one available!

Nope, real fans will buy BOTH. Supposedly, the contents of the 2 disk set DO NOT overlap the contents of the 4 disk set. The one that came out this week is the original theatrical version. The one coming out on the 4 disk set is the director’s cut, which is supposed to have a whole lot more stuff in it (the 5 hour version). Also, the extras on the 4 disk set will be different. So, you could technically have 6 disks, and almost no repeated stuff.

However, the original theatrical version will not be available on the 4 disk set. So if you want to see that one and not have to sit through a 5 hour movie, buy the 2 disk set.

The 4 DVD set due out in November will have absolutely NONE of what is in the two DVD set. ALL NEW material. I have pre-ordered both sets.

I’m a hyooooge Lord of the Rings nerd, but I would have to suggest NOT buying ANY of the DVDs for now. I was going to purchase the one that was just released, then I heard about the un-cut one coming out in a few months. Upon thinking about it further, I realized that I may as well just wait a few years and by the “un-Cut Boxed Set” that will undoubtedly be released within a year of the “Return of the King” being in the theater. Just my two cents. Of course I’m broke, so that may be the reason.

I happen to catch a snippet of Peter Jackson talking about Twin Towers(title?) on the tube last night. He was talking about the CGI used to stage the battles and said that each figure was independent of the others and that the computer actually directed the battle. I thought to myself a forshadowing of SKYNET and Terminator. It was kind of errie watching all those little soldiers running around.

Thanks, Spanky for providing further explanation as to why (if you’re a true blue LoTR fan) you should purchase BOTH sets. And here’s something else: “Best Buy is having a pre-sale for the collector’s series (the November DVD). The cost is $54.99, and shipping is FREE. Plus for those who have already purchased the DVD or VHS there is a $10 mail in rebate included in the movie. So the cost breaks down to about $46, excluding sales tax if that has to be paid.”

Just thought y'all want to know about this :-)

Real fans will read the books first…I rented it, but I am waiting for the secial edition to buy. Acutally, with NetFlix I could rent and keep it until November when the special edition comes out, then send it back. If you don’t get your movies through netflix, I highly recommend it, it’s great. I am currentely sporting wood about Two Towers in December, I hope they show it on the IMAX…

I’ve got to go with pat and definitely recommend the books over all else first (for those who haven’t read them already). It’s some of the most amazing fiction I’ve ever laid eyes on. Beyond that, I think Petey did a superb job with what he had to work with (time restraints, budget, etc.) However, as a pretty hardcore LoTR fan, I definitely found myself wanting more when I got up to leave the movie the first time I saw it. Maybe the 5 hour original will include some of the things I particularly miss from the novel. I have a feeling, however, that the character I want to see most, old Tom Bombadil, will still be missing in action. Grrrr. Oh well. Congrats to Peter Jackson for a job well done.

Actually, the Nov special edition has only about 30 minutes of additional footage, but all the extras on the 4 disks are different from the extras on the current 2 disk theatrical release. The Nov 4 disk set does not include the theatrical release, not even as an option. The Nov 4 disk set comes in 2 flavors, a simply packaged 4 disk box, and an extravagantly packaged collectors set complete with some sort of bookends or statues or something. The current one lists for about $30, and is widely available for $16-$17. The regular extended version lists for about $40, and will probably be available for $22-$25,a nd the special extended version retails for about $80 and should be available for about $55. So I guess you have to decide which version(s) you want to have. At least this information is available up front, rather than the multiple versions scattered over several years with no forewarning.

Or, you could do what I did. Go to your local Kia dealership. They are giving away certificates to get a free copy of the LoTR DVD if you take a test drive. Just tell the salesman that you’ll take the test drive if you have to, but you really just want the certificate. They’ll appreciate that you aren’t wasting their time, trust me.

I hope the special edition will clean up some of the inconsitancies, like the scene on the mountain where Gandalf asks Frodo whether they should go through Moria or not, when it was Gandalf who wanted all along to go through Moria and Aragorn wanted to go accross the mountains.

Don't get me wrong, though, I thought the movie was fantasic. They made everything look like I pictured it in my head if not better, I just think it would be cool to clean it up a bit.

Yeah, the movie isn’t alot like the book it all. Peter Jackson had to make changes to it to make it applicable to the medium, but the story lost some of the flavor and it was a little too tense. Three hours of action is a little excessive. However, the strong point of the movie was in the battle scenes. They were all pretty hardcore.

Is the Editor cut really going to be additional footage or just extra, “the making of” stuff. It would be cool to see several different scenes. The movie was great and I am a huge fan. However, the scenes were pretty much identical to the original animated version. There are several chapters in the book and little adventures that are left out of both movies. It would be cool to see some of these. One that stands out is The hobbits meeting Tom Bombadil before they reach Bree.

Wow - watching my copy of the LoTR:FoTR DVD right now. What is so impressive, besides the beautiful transfer to DVD, is how much more “intimate” the movie is. I understand the there were several complaints on the opening battle sequence. It being rather “erratic” in editing. Well, due to the PG-13 rating it had to be edited as such - however on our 32" TV, it runs much more smoother - wow. From the oh-so poetic opening narration by Cate Blanchett, Jim Horner’s beautiful score to the striking color of Hobbiton - this movie does LOOK better on the TV. If that was at all possible. They did it, dammit they did. Man, I’m going to get plenty of mileage out of this DVD until December 19 (The Two Towers).

I meant Howard Shore (musical score), my bad.