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Lord Humongous training log: Humongous.... Crossfit Log?



Ah you’re mad!

Haha nah good on you mate, congratulations!


Congrats man.


WOW… CONGRATULATIONS :grin: I’m happy for you both and wish you the absolute best of the years to come!! The ring is gorgeous!!


Congratulations man!!!



Thanks for all the congrats guys. First day back after a few day lay off in New Orleans. My squat is in the shitter right now, so I’ll have to really hammer it in the new few weeks leading into the comp. everything else went well.

365x2 (wraps) wraps feel terrible for me
365x1 @9 what the fuck ever


Deadlift: today I found out I Deadlift more without a belt on. I just get into a way better start position

Wrist wraps, chalk, mixed grip
335x3 belt
385x1 belt
385x1 no belt
425x5 BIG ASS PR!! no belt, TnG

SGDL: beltless, straps, double overhand
335x4 PR

Deadlift with 1 second paused right off floor:
335x3 never done these before, so PR lol



incoming excuse train

So unfortunately I wasn’t able to compete in my meet today. In the last month I’ve run into some financial troubles, got a second job as an apprentice electrician so I’ve been working 90-100 hrs/wk, started coaching my sons tball team, and haven’t worked out one time in the last month :joy:

I’m back in the saddle now and am moving to a new training block. I’ll be doing… hushed gasps … crossfit for the next few months to see how I like it. I won’t be training in a box, I’ll be doing the WOD posted online by my local box after going through some strength/ explosive movements. Here’s how today went.

Push press:

3 rounds of:
7 burpees
7 air squats
7 lunges (each leg)
7 v sits

Time: 6:45

Had to take a surprising amount of rest for these. Sucking wind and my legs were on fire.


Hey man welcome back, good to have you here.

BUT CROSS FIT :slight_smile:

I think you at least occasionally should join the box. I haven’t done CF but I’ve heard one of the things is the competition against the others, that makes it so … fun??


Damn i thought u were cool… kidding man welcome back. Also 90-100 hrs is alot!!


Was quite literally just thinkin’ that it’s been awhile since you’ve checked in, life has a way of hitting you right in the guts sometimes, glad to see ya back, interested in your crossfit experience.


Yeah, it sucks dong. I’m looking at closer to 120 this week. :sweat_smile::gun:

I’m using the term crossfit very loosely lol. I’m pretty much just using a WOD as metcon at the end of my sessions



Coming off of a 96-hr (4 straight days) shift. Maybe I shouldn’t have been greedy and only requested 1 day of OT instead of two lol. Surprisingly decent session though.

Incline bench SS w/ NG* lat pulldown
135x8 / 120x10
155x6 / 120x10
185x5 (PR? Can’t remember lol) / 120x10
225x1 / 120x10

Elliptical sprints
2x 15/45 sprints at 230-240spm*. resistance 10
2x 30/30 fast runs at 200-210spm. Resistance 5
1x 60 sec run at 180-190spm. Resistance 10
Total time: 5:30 run time: 2:30 distance: 0.6miles

*nuetral grip
*strides per minute

Edit: walked a couple miles after lunch then took a couple hours to hike and climb a waterfall.


Glad to see you back! Hope you’re able to get the financial shenanigans under control.

I think the little crossfit WODs would be a nice addition to some main strength training. Interested to hear how it goes once you’ve given 'er a good run.


Awesome place you live man. Nice Pics’