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Lopsided Body

I’ve been training for a few years now and i’m just at the stage where im seeing my hardwork. The only thing that gets me thinking about where i could improve (leaving out the ice-cream, JD amongst others ) is my right side is getting more noticeably bigger than the left…Should i just use dumbells only or add more reps to the left side bells? or both…? anyone have the same problem ?

I have the same problem because of all of the non-workout activities I do that use my right side more(I am right-handed etc).

I have read the suggestion before that dumbbells be used, and that one progress only as far as the weaker side is willing to go, however I have not found this method useful.

I also have read that increasing non-workout activity with the left side will bring it up. This makes more sense to me, and I have tried it, finding noticable increases in left-side dexterity and agility, but not mass/strength gains for the most part.

I plan on, during my next mass cycle, using Chad Waterbury’s 100 rep a day scheme exclusively for left side muscles(the problem is worst in my arm) as I think that the problem likely stems from higher capillary density/blood flow to the right arm from all of the non-workout use it has gotten in the past(I now balance arm use as much as possible during work).

My suggestion, thusly, is to give that a try for a month or two and see if it helps at all. I strongly believe it will, along with balancing non-workout left/right use.

Best of luck.

Try touching yourself with the other hand.

activity outside of working out eh hehe